Big plagiarism in Thailand education, story told by a good friend

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➤University Lecturer hire student to plagiarize

My friend worked as a lecturer in a university in Thailand. In order to get promoted, lecturers need to keep publishing their paper(s) every year. And this university is weirder than others, that it requires the book, very thick book, of full research report. If you are from any country outside Thailand, you may know that making of full research report is something old-fashion. People only make this kind of big book to get research fund from some organization(s), but not for each of published paper without any funding.

sometimes we do not need full research report but just a short published paper without plagiarism

Let me talk about my friend, now. This friend is female, and she is very good in English. Her highest degree is Master. She is young and powerless. In term of powerless, I mean she does not have any other additional position in the organization but a lecturer of undergraduate students.

Once, she called me for help. A big man in the same organization asked her to translate a big-thick book of research report, from English language to Thai. When I mentioned, the big man, it means the powerful guy in her organization. He has the power to promote other employees and also the power to fire someone. This big man came up with that big-thick book. The author of that book is Mr or Ms Blah Blah Blah. It is actually written by some English speaker outside Thailand. No one knows the author in person.

If we are honest we can look good in anywhere in the world except by those blind thieves

That big man needed the Thai version of the particular research report. He wanted to put his name on the cover. No one is going to know if he did not write it or study it by himself. The real author will not know, because the real author is not Thai.

When my friend called me for help, I denied. She thought she could not finish translating the whole book within the deadline given by that big man. I did not want to get involved in this dirty work. My friend did not want, too, but she had no choice. She was afraid of that big man, so she had to do it.

I was sorry for her, but I really cannot help. Like, in this blog, I cannot provide the name of any, because that big man is powerful and able to treat my friend.

all bad people and plagiarists should be watched all the time We want the education system cleaner

sometimes we need stronger woman to destroy men with corruption or betrayer


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