What Thailand actually needs, patriarchy or post-feminism?

I started to see the fact that most criminals are men, and most of the cases they took advantage from women, while in news reports in Thailand, they are more likely to report only female perpetrators, just because they need audiences to read it. Before I am feminist, I thought that men are smarter than women because most managers/bosses are male, but after I grew up and work for a while, these men stole my work without giving credit. When I try to fight back, they threaten me many ways. In my workplace, men like to team up to have more power in the organization, and start the corruption. Only women who can be the bosses or managers are those who are the mistress or sisters of powerful men.

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bosses or managers mistress or sisters of powerful men

In Thailand, I feel it is very bad right now. Do you see the fight between those teenagers with 3-fingered salute and our government during 2020-2022? These teenagers believe in anarchy (but they claim that they are pro-democracy) and they want to change the society to be post-feminism. Like, they need women to be sexually-objectified themselves serving men’s sexual need.

Because of this, most people in Thailand do not like these protestors. There are only few feminists in my country though. Because, we do not have enough scholars and teachers who can actually educate people with this. Therefore, right now, it becomes to fight between patriarchy/men-right-movement and post-feminism. Good people tried to protect/praise men, and bad people need women to be sex hungers.

patriarchy men right movement and post feminism

These are not what I want to see. I want good people or even the current government support the diversity. I want to see the right feminism movement in my country, not these post-feminists who supported political party with corruption.

Please feel free to put my answer in your paper or your website. I am okay with that. You don’t need to let me sign or see the consent form.

right feminism movement political party corruption

right feminism movement political party corruption

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