When university lecturer gave unfair grade to his student

I was voiceless in my workplace, so I want to speak it here. I would temporarily name him in this post as Matt. Matt was a university lecturer as same as me. Both of us taught undergrad class. Many times, the same group of students registered for me class and his class in the same semester.

we dont want teacher to feel like they can control students life by grading them and it is not fair

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Matt always asked his student to finish a large project, such as a thick portfolio, a film, a research study with full research report, even his students were just undergrads and even his class was only 3-credit. Some students cannot finish the assignment within the end of semester, and they did not submit the assignment at the end of semester. Some tried to complete the assignment as much as possible and submitted whatever they had within the deadline.

What kind of students are better? I would vote for the one who tried to finish as much as they could. These students are more responsible than the other type. At lease, they respect the deadline. If they grow up, they will respect the laws and rule of their future organization.

good work and work submitted on time will be considered as better than late work with good quality

Matt is different. At the deadline or the end of semester, he received the assignments of 90 percent of students in his class. Some can finish and some could not, but they still submitted it right away. He gave A, B, C, and D to these students based on their work. Later, the other 10 percent of students visited Matt during the summer vacation. They asked Matt to submit the late assignment. Matt allowed them. Because these students have extra time, much more than other classmates, their assignments were pretty good. Matt edited the grade for them and gave them A.

What do you feel? Is this sound right for you?

we teach students to hope for the best and plan for the worst they should expect the grade based on reality of what they had done

everyone are not the same and we should grade students based on their work and responsibility not by physical look


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