Corruption in Thai – Asian universities

I have experienced a lot of stupid systems in university and school before. There are a lot of useless document work. Teaching jobs have become less important compared to research, academic affair, and helping university earning more money or even get more new students. Many teachers have no more time to prepare their teaching, because of other responsibility assigned by university. Moreover, they do not have time to both learn and write the book or conduct a research study by themselves in order to heighten their academic position.

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I hate when I heard that some people let others wrote the book or research for them, and then, they got promoted to be assist/assoc professors. That is illegal, but no one talked about it because the fear of the evil power within the university. There is too much corruption in universities right now. Who can fix this problem?

What is the evil power?

You know, right? Everyone has once done a mistake. For example, one may come to teach their class 10 minutes late due to heavy traffic; one may miss an important meeting, because one thinks that teaching students are more important when the time is overlapped; one may have low lecturer’s evaluation score in the first semester one signed to do this job. The evil power is the power of the lecturers with high position in university. These people record every single little mistake of the lower-position employees/lecturers. And whenever an honest lecturer knows these evil people’s corruption, they will blackmail one.

In other words, the voiceless will be always voiceless. The corruption will never be disclosed to public, unless the powerful evil lecturers loose their power. This situation is hard to occur. Why? The powerful evil people always promote their companies to have high position in the university, too. They have already prepared someone to hold the power after them. These could be their close friends or their younger brother or their paramour(s). Although the president or dean or other people in board of directors are changed, their power still exists in the next generation. That is why the powerless people are always voiceless, and the corruption is still occurred over and over again.

Corruption in Asia university and school

School and Education institute in Asia still consists of corruption

Mafia in University

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