Amber Heard in Communication Theories and Phenomenon

What are theories of communication able to explain the phenomenon happened to Amber Heard? Both before and after trial.

Once, I commented on Amber Heard news in a Thai famous official news reports social media account. I typed that I support Amber Heard. I believe her. About 10 people cyber-bullied me for my choice to cheer Amber. I feel bad after got bullied. How about Amber? She got bullied by tons of people. I cannot imagine of how she feels.

Cite as: Arunrangsiwed, P. (2022). Amber Heard in Communication Theories and Phenomenon. SW-Eden.NET.

Bias cause negative attitude toward the bullied target

Will people feel sorry for what they have done? They might if they did that alone. However, for the case of Amber Heard, people did it as group. Their individual identity got diminished. The reason, the feeling of right or wrong, would fade away. One of my good professors taught me about Deindividuation. People will be more aggressive and have less fear of doing bad things, because they do it as group. One person, like Amber Heard, in this case, will not have ability to stop this number of people.

They judged her by listening to others who can speak so loudly, without looking at the document or using their brain to analyze the information. That is my first assumption. And how about some theory, like Normative Social Influence and Spiral of Silence? What if these people were not really brainwashed, but they have to blame Amber Heard, because of their peers and family?

Women should support another woman as I support Amber Heard this is my drawing of Mon queen

Lately, you will find that many Amber Heard’s supporting information got released, so public knows more about the fact. However, many people do not change their attitude. Why? Because they do not want to look stupid after expressing their prior opinions against Amber Heard. This is about another communication theory, Confirmation Bias.

Some people may not accept the new information or even it is the fact. Why? That is because of their bias. When they announced to public that they support Mr. X, they will lose confidence if later they have to say they were wrong. This bias is the barrier between these people and the truth. Some people with strong bias would also try to find the new information to strengthen their prior opinion.

For me, it is not a bad thing if someone I know would say they were wrong. That act is bravery. Not a lot of people are able to admit something like this. And I admire the action.

Thai woman this is my drawing I support other women who became public victim as Amber Heard

I am Thai I drew Thai woman and I support Amber Heard she represents all of female public victims


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