Why can’t we feed pigeons in public, but we can kill them?

What sacrifices have you made in life?

No way in my real life! I would do it just for movie or fiction. Here is the movie I made about sacrificing a stone.

For the question that WordPress asked us? What sacrifices have you made in life? It reminds me of some killing animal activities in my hometown, Thailand.

As a non-religious person, I used to hear other people saying that we do not need to learn religion, but morality and laws. I agree with most laws, but some are very weird.

I live in Thailand, and we are not allowed to feed pigeons in public. Those people believe that pigeons are the only kind of birds that can bring about virus. That is actually the myth. The weird thing is that people are allowed to sell and buy poison for pigeons, lizards, and gecko. For the poison case, I did not search the governmental website, but these poisons could be found around many shops and also in advertisings.

Does this sound weird to you? Since we are human, we should be kind to animals, but the mentioned laws are different. How about your country? Do you have some weird laws like this? Should we do something to change it? How should we communicate to our government and those people who still believe myth?

pigeons bird Thailand laws prevent people feeding birds

pigeons bird Thailand laws prevent people feeding birds

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