My teacher friend does not have laptop for online class

I bought a new laptop to gain ability to create the clips to teach the entire course. I tried to design every class suitable for students who have online mobile device or cellphone. Most students can use their phone to complete the task very well even they were outside their house. However, some of them came up with an excuse that they did not have computer, or they did not know that there was a class at the class period. I do not accept the excuse. I will make everything fair for responsible students, which is the larger proportion of the class.

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I think I am lucky that I have enough money to purchase my new laptop during the time that everyone has to leave school due to COVID outbreak. For my friend, she had to borrow the laptop from the university. She had right to borrow it for free to use to conduct an online class. However, the particular laptop was very slow. It was an old one with only 1 GB RAM. She had a lot of trouble during that period.

A month later, the university was reopened, but students were not allowed to attend the on-site class. All teachers had to continue the online class until the end of the semester. The good thing is that my friend can come to school every day and use machine in her office. She sat there whole day to prepare the lessons and to teach her students.

Her teaching style was different from mine. She used Google Meet or Zoom to conduct a real-time class. She does not like to show her face on camera, but she shows the PowerPoint slides instead. I heard that many other teachers or lecturers did the same thing.

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