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Your best friend always lies to you. Why?

S.W. Eden

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I got a friend when I went to a graduate school. I, a kind of, liked her, because, with my first judgement, she had a quality that could be my future girlfriend. We were nice to each other. We went shopping together at a few shopping malls we could find in a small town. At that moment, I thought we could get along well.

However, she started being a liar, a very big liar. She missed our appointment twice without initial informing. Both of the times, I kept waiting for her for whole day. We both got the hotspot in our apartment, and also the internet in the devices. When I tried to contact her to ask if she would come or not, she did not provide me any answer. She disappeared from the connection and did not say anything to me. Later, when we meet at the school, she pretended like there was nothing happen.

After that, I felt like, she was not real for me. She had too many reasons to say that everything was not her mistake. It was only because she is the big liar. I felt I was alone for a week and trying to stop myself thinking about her.

conflict love friend liar school
Figure 1: Conflict with friends

We did not talk to each other about half year. Later, we met again in other school in Thailand. We enrolled in the same class with the same teacher. I made a decision to forgive her and became her friend again. I am a guy with a short memory. I did not feel that I am hurt that much anymore.

Later, I knew from the teacher that she told him a bad thing about me, and it was not the truth. The teacher did not know that she was (again) the liar. I was suddenly angry. I told the truth to the teacher. I dis not know if he would whether believe me or not. He asked me to calm down and forgive her.

Right now, I still have to meet her sometimes at the school. I feel like what I am doing is to pretend to be nice. I will never hurt her in turn by telling a lie. I am not good at that and I do not want to be like that. If she asked me for help, okay, I will help, but that does not mean I forgive or forget everything she has done to me, but it is because I think it is the thing that a normal person should do. I cannot feel like nothing had happened between us.

So, what is the song that I should sing for her? I want to sing some alternative rock or punk. Dear the readers, please name me one song.


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Get someone else to write your research papers?

S.W. Eden

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I am a very ordinary teacher in a school/program in a large university in Thailand. I also know other teachers from other university. Everyone with this kind of job, the university teachers or lecturers, will have to upgrade themselves to be assistant professor, associate professor, and professor, respectively. Therefore, we read the rule written by the government, about what kind of papers or academic works that we have to submit for the committee to judge or promote us.

The rules say that the academic works could be the research paper or academic paper that got publish in the conference proceedings and journals. They could be the creative work, such as movies or games that have published academic paper supporting them. People I know from other universities walk follow this rules. They could submit their research paper published in conference proceeding to the committee to consider.

However, my university creates their own rule for some reason. They do not allow me and other employees to submit the conference papers, but only papers published in the journals. This makes our life harder than other people in other university.

In fact, there was an Easter egg hidden in this policy.

she the president
Figure 1: research the search from ocean

Some friends told me that many employees bought the research papers with the money about 400-500 USD per a paper. In other words, they hired someone else to write it for them. They did not actually know anything about the paper or even the topic of the paper. After they bought the paper, they submit it to the conference in order to travel around many countries outside Thailand.

Because the president of my university discovered this Easter egg, she believes that most conference papers are not written by the authors appeared on them. This might be the reason that she does not allow anyone to use conference papers to send to the committees in order to be promoted to be an assistant professor, and also other levels.

I do not like the way she thinks though. I have written all conference papers by myself. I have never hired anyone to do it for me, but I lose the chance to use them to submit to the committees and being promote. I am both angry and depress. The president makes the world unfair. Why doesn’t she just get rid of the cheating people who buy the academic work? If she could do it, the honest ones will be able to use their conference papers to get into the higher job position.

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Got an F or Fail from major courses, What can I do?

S. W. Eden

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I am a university lecturer. I know that I should be very serious and all the students should be serious about their education, too. When I was an undergraduate student, about 10 years ago, some friends got an F and I have got a couple of F, too. Although I had never had an absent and I submitted all the class assignment in those two classes, I still got F because I fail in the final exam.

Today, I have been a university lecturer for 6 years, in Thailand. Now is the time that all universities have to think about their future, regarding the decreased number of new students. I think the university would need to consider about the “give an F” policy. They may not like the teachers to give the F to the students, because that reduces students’ satisfaction. Students may quit the university if they found they get many Fs.

The topic that I would like to discuss here is that, should I give an F to a very bad student? Bad students are those who often have absent. In the whole semester, they came to class only 2-3 times. Some did not come to take an exam, but they asked their parents to write the letter to ask me to allow their sons to take the exam after the examination date.

teacher and funny student
Figure 1: Teacher and funny student cartoon drawing

Almost all of these bad students do not submit any assignment, and they often said that they had other work to do to earn the money to help their family. I do not know if it is real or not, but I think, if it is real, they should drop and register for the class again when they have more free time.

Some professors in my university give these bad students the F, but some do not. Let’s talk about those who do not give the F for very bad students. We should be curious about what they actually think.

I have talk to one of them. He told me that if the students are very bad, he should allow them to keep being in the school until they graduate. This is because if no one gives an opportunity for these bad students, they would leave the school and do some illegal job in the future. On the other hand, if they are bad students who graduate, they will automatically find the job that most people look for. This way will help the society as a whole.

However, I still think that this thought is not entirely right. It might be right, but it does not fair for all other students who try very hard to graduate.

Last semester, I allowed a very bad student to pass my class with the grade D-. In fact, he should get an F, because he came to class only 2 times. Then, he took the exam. The total score he got was 30 from 100. I feel really bad about what I have done. I should not let him pass.

You guys… Do you want to say something about this issue. If I engage in this kind of situation again, what should I do?

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I will Burnout. What can a teacher do?

S. W. Eden

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I have never feel like this before. I have a negative feeling about the place I am working at. I do not want to name the organization here, and also my name. Only thing I could say is that I am in Bangkok, Thailand. I have worked here about half a decade. And many times, I think that it is enough for me. Many things have changed. I had had many good students in my class, but now there were a less number of good students.

student and teacher cute bird drop water late
Figure 1: A teacher bird and a student bird.

I feel I love a group of Public Relation students, but lately, some of them (3 students) betrayed me twice. They took a photo of me to make an evident for some purpose. One of them said that I gave her a wrong point.

You know what? I knew what I did. I am sure about my grading. These students have problem with the “less than 1 point” (based on 100 points). They fight against me for that “less than 1 point” thing. I could spread negative words about me that the grade was not fair for them.

Hence, what is my problem? My problem is that I am very disappointed. These three students failed me. I feel like, the love I gave them before is nothing. However, I still have a positive attitude about other Public Relation students. I like to teach them better than many other students from other program.

I wish that there would be only these three students that I may have a negative attitude with. I want to keep a positive feeling and all the good moment for all other students.

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Summarize All 11 films of Halloween

Written by Ratajit
Concluded by Ratajit |November 12, 2018

**The summarize all 11 films of Halloween movie written by Ratajit for the Halloween movie fan-club to read or others who are interested in this movie. These is Ratajit’s copyright which is not allowed to copy. However, Ratajit allow one who wants to use this article for educational purpose but he or she has to refer source of the article, and Ratajit name, too.

Summarize All 11 films of Halloween

1. 1978 (BE 2521) Halloween
Ratajit has never seen this film although Ratajit tries to find the film even when travelling to USA but not by website. Ratajit knows from other film that Michael Myers kills her teenage-sister.
2. 1981 (BE 2524) Halloween 2
Ratajit watches this film as the first film which makes Ratajit’s inspiration to watch the following film until now.

3. 1982 (BE 2525) Halloween 3
This film is an only film that no Michael Myers is in the film but the story is still influenced the viewers.

4. 1988 (BE 2531) Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
This film is very interesting because Michael Myers is back. Michael Myers kills Jamie Lloyd but not her baby. She hides her baby before she died.
5. 1989 (BE 2532) Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
6. 1995 (BE 2538) Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
The baby survived from the 4th and the 5th film is back in this film.

Halloween movie review

7. 1998 (BE 2541) Halloween H20:
The situation in the University owned by Laurie after 20 Years later.
8. 2002 (BE 2545) Halloween: Resurrection
Many teenagers go into Michael Myers’ house to shoot the film of Michael Myers.

9. 2007 (BE 2550) Halloween (Rob Zombie)
Michael Myers is a grown man in this film and escapes from the mental institution to kill people.
10. 2009 (BE 2552) Halloween (Rob Zombie)
Michael Myers wear beard and always unmask. This slasher film is too violent in every shot when Michael Myers kills his victims.
11. 2018 (BE 2561) Halloween
40 years since Laurie Strode survived from Michael Myers on Halloween night. She has to fight after Myers comes back to Huddersfield to protect her daughter and her niece.

Halloween movie review

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Put your friends’ names in your own work. Why?

S.W. Eden

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My beloved professor, my advisor in my doctoral dissertation, told me that I should put the name of my friends as the second and the third author in my research paper. This is because it will help them in the teacher evaluation system, and also the course program evaluation audited by the government.

In other words, my friends and I are in the school of digital media in a university. The laws (or rules) are that every teacher in the school needs to publish a research paper. If not, the government will shut down the school program, and there will be no more freshmen in the upcoming academic year.

This is the reason that I have to add my friends in the same school as the second and the third author of my research paper. I have to keep my school alive. And I do not feel bad to have the names of my friends on my paper. Everything seems to be okay.

Classroom in Thailand, and Thai people
Figure 1: Thai religion, a part of education

My university also provides the award for teachers who could publish their research paper, and that is a good thing. If I am the only one author of the published paper, I will get 200 USD. It is not much money in Thailand, but it could encourage me to keep writing the paper. However, when I put my friends’ name on my paper, I will get less money according to the percent or proportion of my work.

Before now, I filled in the form that I did 90% of the work, and other teachers did 10%. This way, I will not get 20 USD, which is 10% with the name of my friends. I do not know if the university know that I did 100% of the work.

Another annoying rule is that only one author of each research paper could receive the money. This means that my friend will not be able to get 20 USD, too.

This is how I lost the benefit when I help my friends and my program to survive.

And now, it is even worse than what I have told you. The university announced the new rule of rewarding. Every author of the research paper has to have at least 10% of the work. This mean, if I added 5 co-authors in my research paper and 10% was given per each, I would left only 50% of work. This means I will earn only 100 USD per one paper.

I called the guy who worked in this rewarding office, and I try to explain that I added the co-authors to keep my school survival, and these co-authors did not have anything to do with my paper.

Do you know what they tell me? I am very upset and feel depressive for many weeks.

They told me, like, the teacher (like me), who had many co-authors in the same work, was selfish, because other co-authors did not have a chance to get paid, especially when the first author filled in the form that she did 90% of the work. But! we could not forget that there is the rule that only one author in each paper could ask for the reward.

Hence, the point is that they did not actually think that I am the selfish, but they just did not want to pay money to the teacher who could publish the research paper.

I really hate this rule. I do not know what kind of brain was used to form such this policy. I want to quit my teacher job. Although 200 USD is not that much money to force me to leave the job, but these rules and policies make me depressive. They do not encourage their employees, but they show their narrow-mind through their thought toward their employees.

I am not the selfish one. I still do what I have done to keep my school opening in the following years. I want to see new students join my school and I do not want to see anyone got fired from their job.

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Movie Review: Halloween 2018 (รีวิวหนัง ฮาโลวีน)

Halloween Movie Review by Ratajit
Written by Ratajit
Concluded by Ratajit |November 12, 2018

Halloween movie review

**The movie review of Halloween movie written by Ratajit for the Halloween movie fan-club to read or others who are interested in this movie. Ratajit writes out her opinion from her experience in seeing such movie the entire film series. Therefore, all thought hereunder are Ratajit’s copyright which is not allowed to copy. However, Ratajit allow one who wants to use this article for educational purpose but he or she has to refer source of the article, and Ratajit name, too.

In Thailand, Halloween movie is always released on every October 31. For the updated series is also released on October 31, 2018. The movie consists of 11 films* but just one film produced by Rob Zombie before the current one was not released in Ratajit’s country, Thailand. By Ratajit’s thought, the reason may be about it is too severe, too violent or is the goriest slasher film compared with other films of Halloween. Moreover, the time this film was released may be not suitable for Thailand’s situation on the same period.

Halloween movie review

After Ratajit seeing all films except the first film, Ratajit likes the current one because of these following reasons:

1.The heroine is an old woman
In Ratajit’s opinion, the heroine is not only woman but also old too, while the heroes in normal movies are men or young women and even children for sometimes.
2.The family unity
Ratajit see many policemen in Huddersfield try so hard to arrest Michael Myers without success. However, Laurie Strode’s family which are women can finally feat the killer, Michael Myers. This is the power of family unity which are grandmother, mother and niece.

Halloween movie review

3.Michael Myers face is under the mask as usual
Ratajit thinks that Michael Myers in Halloween 2009 by Rob Zombie always unmasks, while other Halloween films, never. When seeing any film of Halloween, Ratajit hopes to see Michael Myers under his mask. As well, other fan-club people may think like Ratajit. Therefore, when Michael Myers in this new film 2018, is masked as usual, the movie is 100% Halloween.

4.Ratajit’s personal preference of Laurie Strode
Jamie Lee Curtis casts as Laurie Strode like other film of Halloween. She is a professional actress. She is very strong, quick and really careful until the film is really excited.

Halloween movie review

5.Sam Loomis himself is psychosis
Ratajit used to have some bad experience from body check up. A psychiatrist wanted my friend to be psychosis after testing many people and no one are psychosis. This result makes Ratajit feel not okay with psychiatrist occupation. For the Halloween film, the movie plot can support my thought because Sam Loomis, is finally psychosis, himself. Sam Loomis can easily kill the police just to take Michael Myers for next studying.

Halloween movie review

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It is annoying to be with leaders without leadership? (Thailand context)

S.W. Eden

Cite this journal as: Eden, S.W. (2018). It is annoying to be with leaders without leadership? (Thailand context). Retrieved from

I don’t want to put my real name around this post, because it may have some effect in my career. If you want to mention this post, just cite me as “the Sw Eden,” which is my long-time pseudonym.

I have worked in a large university in Thailand. Right now, most of the deans, vice presidents, and the president do worry about the decreased number of young people, because it would cause a lower rate of freshmen in the upcoming semesters. However, that is not the major problem that I would like to say in this blog.

Based on the fact that some students today are very aggressive, teachers play an important role to teach them to be a better person. The aggressive students would not listen to teachers’ work, but they are like to to fight against their teacher both directly and indirectly. They used their cell phone to take the photo, record the voice, and video, to show to other teachers with a higher position in the organization. My friends told me her experience that her students recorded her voice when she blamed them with a loud voice. These students showed the clip to some vice president and said that she was an unreasonable teacher. You know what? My friend told me more about this that she got blamed, because no one believed her words that she tried to teach her students to be a better person.

Thai cat students in nan boat
Figure 1: Thai cat

In my opinion, I think that some may believe what she said, but they concern about the students more than the teachers. This is because the number of students is the major factor that cause the business stability for the university. The university must not make the students unsatisfied. If they did, the students would spread the words and it would result in a lower number of new students in the following years.

Maybe, I would say that I need to see the actual leader with a truly high leadership quality. The one should be someone that fairly listens to both teachers and students. The current teacher evaluation system may need to be canceled because it makes many teachers are not dare to blame the students.

I wish the university should be a better place than now. I hope for the best. I wish Thailand would have more of good students, the one with good skills and good manners.

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Plagiarism in School Assignment in Thailand, How should I work with it?

Proud Arunrangsiwed

This is Proud Arunrangsiwed. I am a Thai university lecturer. The time that I write this post is November, 2018. I do not have much time to write my blogs recently. Most of the time of mine has been devoted for my students and research studies. Although my university needs a ton of research papers to improve its university ranking, but I cannot just sit and write my papers without taking care of my students. I have spent many hours a week to work with my students’ thesis and the correct their assignment. I might not one of a few lecturers that assign the individual projects and homework for the students to do. We all know that to assign individual projects, teachers have to spent a large amount of time on reviewing, talking, and correcting students’ work. I could do it. I mean, I will do it, because I feel that it is a right thing to do so. I think the students will be benefited by working in their individual project better than the group work.

I have noticed many other university lecturers. Many of them assigned the group work, and most of these works are about to write a whole book to report some project. Like, the whole semester, each group of students have to submit only one assignment, which is this thick book. These lecturers would grade the students based on only this book, class attendance, and the exams. There are no other homework assignments. Some said that these teachers are lazy. However, I would rather say that I am too diligent.

Let’s talk about the big-book assignment that most teachers ask most students to complete it at the end of the semester. Almost all of these books contained too much copyright infringement. Undergraduate students are likely to copy the contents from any website that they could find the related information regarding their topics. I am too tired to see this kind of students’ work.

First, I feel like they do not show the respect toward their teachers, because they think that their teachers are stupid and do not know that they copy the work of someone else.

Second, I feel like these students are brainless, because they could not create any work by themselves. I think it is a good thing to look around many information in the internet, but they should read and write them in their own words, not just copy and paste.

Third, I think it is not fair for other students who create the work by themselves. I guess that some teachers may not know how to check the plagiarism without using Turn-it-in. The grading will not be fair for the students who work very hard, compared to those who just copy and paste things from the internet.

Classroom in Thailand, and Thai people
Figure 1: Thai classroom

One of my friends who is the teacher in the school of management told me something about her students. She told me that she tried to blame and teach the students who like to copy and paste online information to put in their project book. You know what? Her students said that she (the teacher) was stupid because she did know the benefit of the internet where was the place for students to copy the text. This is a kind of panic, I think. I do not understand why her students think this way.

Once, I discover the fact that some other teachers also teach their students to copy things around the internet. I have been in a communication or media art program. In some class, the students need to go outside to take the photos and shoot the videos. However, one of my friend in the same school encouraged his students to copy any pictures and videos from websites and paste in their work.

I think, the educational institutes should do something with this kind of teachers. They should have a seminar or workshop or intervention to teach them to be a better teacher. Moreover the university and high school should have more strict rules to punish students who do the copyright infringement and plagiarism.

This blog is written by Proud Arunrangsiwed, a Thai animation teacher.

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Thai students’ school aggression and culture difference

I finished my high school from Thailand, my hometown, and then finished the higher degrees from The United States and Australia. I think I may miss some evolution of the university students in Thailand. I mean, I have never felt the moment of transformation from students in my time (early 2000s) until the students in late 2010s. It is a kind of, I suddenly met students in another generation.

I became a teacher in a large university in Thailand. The first year of my job, my students were probably nice. They are still the ones I love right now. However, later students got worse. It is not about their knowledge and skills, but it is about their higher level of aggressiveness and impoliteness.

Many people in Thailand believe that graduated students from the United States are this type, aggressive and impolite. However, I have never experienced that kind of thing to myself and also my friends in colleges. We said, hello/hi, to our professors and talked to them politely. We did not speak loud in classroom, although we were loud outside the school.

great moment in Thailand

Most of these characteristics are opposite from my students in late 2010s. I mean, the current students in Thailand. About half of them speak to each other loud during class. Many students pretend to not see me when we met outside classroom. They did not say, hi or sawaddee, to me. Some acted impolite and very aggressive, such as shouting at me and throwing stuff in front of me.

I want to make sure that these bad behaviors of students are not only just in my school. Hence, I visited other teachers I know in other schools. They told me the same thing. One of them told me that, in this day, there was no more students who came back to see their teachers after they graduated.

Thailand is not what I think. I think that the university students should have been more polite and less aggressive than those in the United States. I am disappointed. This makes me hate to be their teacher. I want to quit the job. I have spent too much time to push them to their achievement, and then, I got nothing. I am now 31. I am still not the one I want to be. I spend too much life time for others. Should I just stop being a teacher right now? or I just need to cry out?

Thai cow and ox

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