Black Tongue

Black Tongue book will be released soon.

Multi-media Black Tongue projects:
Save Nanda Bayin
Sea Beast and Saw Binnya
Pre-Battle of Vijay
The Return of Leviathan
Flickr API Gallery if Black Tongue

Black Tongue or ลิ้นดำ (in Thai) is a project made for King Tabinshwehti, who is called, “King Tabin” in the story. “The Sw Eden” or “สว อิเฎล” (in Thai), me, is the artist who has created this project. I went to Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda to promised him, that I will make it, and he must hear that from me.

Black Tongue has been made in various types of media, included hand painting, computer drawing, Flash animation, After Effect animation, songs and literature. All of them are All Rights Reserved.

Why is Black Tongue more special than all other historical fictions?

Black Tongue’s time span is from 1516 A.C. until 1550 A.C. or later, and the places of the story is where currently Myanmar, Thailand and India located. Although this sounds really similar to other stories, Black Tongue’s concept is really different. Black Tongue is the combination of my imagination, and 2 main books which are Holy Bible and the Annal of Burma. Only these 3 things, Black Tongue becomes very unique. It focuses into fighting scene, sci-fi and all those huge animals. This means the active people will love it for sure. I means all people who love action movies and adventures in real life.

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