Black Tongue : Pre-Battle of Vijay

About Black Tongue : Pre-Battle of Vijay

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Pre-Battle of Vijay is a part of Black Tongue, the historical fiction written by The Sw Eden. This chapter was written in Thai poem, and also was made into motion graphic with Adobe After Effect to the class of Stefan Popescu. The style of artwork is the cut-out from water-color paintings and construction in 3Ds in After Effect.

At the beginning of this video, it tells what had happened before Arakan and King Tabin started the war. I recorded my own voice as the following paragraph.

“Before 2085 (1542 A.C.), King Tabin (as black color in video) led his army force to attack Hanswan, Prome and Martaban. The Kingdom of Arakan had to protect themselves from King Tabin by cooperating with Awa to help Prome from colonialism of King Tabin.

Now, King of Arakan orders Vijay, his son to lead the navy to attack Pathein, which is the seaport colony of King Tabin.

Vijay receives the sword from his father. and he has to leaves his wife and his fiery pet. Vijay and his navy soldiers walk to the pier and set sails. Before Vijay arrives Pathein, many feelings pass into him, but he has to keep going to make a war.

When the morning comes, the sun is full of hope. Vijay sees the navy of King Tabin, so he raises his sword to tell his army force, ‘Now we are ready to attack’.”

And the same things as the end. I recorded my own voice as the following paragraph, and put before the credit part.

“This time Vijay loses the war to King Tabin, but 5 year later, King Tabin marchs his troop to Arakan, so Vijay has to fight with him again. Finally, both stop the war and become the union to fight with other invading race.”

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