Detail of Pre-Battle of Vijay

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The Making of Pre-Battle of Vijay

If you want to know more in detail, you may read this following part:

Awa wanted to help Prome to not be the colony of King Tabin, because Prome King is the step-brother of Awa King (they had the same father, but different mothers). And the reason that Arakan decide to be a part of this battle is The King of Arakan were afraid that King Tabin would attack his city after finishing from Prome and Awa. This is because King Tabin could take many cities within a few years.

After King Tabin and his brother Bayinnaung located their army force around Prome city, The King of Arakan commanded his soldier to attack the army of King Tabin at Prome city by land troop and navy.

King Tabin commanded his brother in law to finish Arakan land troop, and King Tabin himself will finish Arakan navy. Arakan land troop travelled from the north and pass the narrow part of cliff. Bayinnaing (the brother in law of King Tabin) attack Arakan land troop there.

King Tabin led his navy from Hanswan and got more ship from Martaban which was his eastern seaport colony. Arakan navy arrived Pathein, King Tabin’s western seaport colony. This stage is the ending scene of project Pre-Battle of Vijay.

Vijay in this story is the son of Arakan King, and his real historical name is Min Bin. Because Black Tongue is the historical fiction, some part of the history can be changed to fit and to be reasonable.

The true history is Min Bin was the current King of Arakan, and no one talked about his son in this battle. The people who led the troop to fight with King Tabin were the ministers.

Some historical book believe that King Tabin did not meet Arakan navy at Pathein, but it says that after Arakan navy knew that Bayinnaung feated Arakan land troop, they just traveled back to Arakan. If we consider about the distance in the map, and the way people communicated 500 years ago, these are impossible. Navy must reach to eachother faster than traveling on land. Moreover, Pathein is at the south part of Myanmar, but the place where Bayinnaung fought with Arakan was in the north part. There is no way the land troop can communicate with Navy at Pathein, faster than King Tabin travel from Prome to Pathein by ships.

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