Save Nanda Bayin > Get Out from the Forest

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Right now, King Tabin is at the slope way, where the trees are the obstruction, so the user will need to take the tree out by drag-and-drop. The big tree will be taken out harder than the small tree, by the calculation of mouse-down position and mouse-up position, divided by some numbers. When all trees are not hit-test-object to the ground, King Tabin will slide down into the water. This part will ask the user to take the black stone.

What is the black stone? Even we do not need to use the black stone in this part of the story, but in the later part, King Tabin will use this black stone to make his new sword.

King Tabin brings the baby and goes down under the water. He swims under the rock to get out at another side of the mountain. This tunnel is hidden be the waterfall. Think about this kind of nature! It is quite beautiful! During King Tabin swims underneath the rock, the user will need to drag and drop the oxygen to him to keep him swimming.

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