Save Nanda Bayin > Back to the City (solution scene)

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After King Tabin arrives another side of the mountain, he pushes the baby up onto the land, and brings him to sit on the flying dinosaur, called “Pteranodon”. While Pteranodon fly on the sky, the user need to click on the right destination. If they click wrong destination, nothing happens, but only the name of each destination they click will be showed up.

When the user click on the right destination, “Taungoo”, the camera will zoom into the city, and the next shot is zoom in from the sky to the palace.

When the mother hears the voice of her child, she turns her face and smile. She sit down on the floor and hug her child. King Tabin just walks in to the scene. Surely, this is the happy ending! The baby tell his adventure to his mother.

Wait! the user needs to do one more thing which is click one specific place of the background that is different from the background at the beginning of the story.

The answer is the wooden cage at the window, that is just built to protect the giant bird to come into the palace. This is similar to the idiom, “Shut the stable door after the horse has bolted”.

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