Black Tongue: Save Nanda Bayin Outline

Black Tongue Main Page
Save Nanda Bayin Main Page

Project title and description:
Save Nanda Bayin is the name of a chapter in Black Tongue book. In this chapter the King went to help his niece (the son of his older sister) in the forest with full of dangerous. This project will tell the story how the King saved his niece, and the users need to do activities or play some games to help the King approaches his goal.

The brief that you are responding to:
Save Nanda Bayin has 30+ shots of animation, and 15 of them will contain activities for the user to be a apart of the story. Approximate time for the artists (me) to play should be about 5 minutes.

Project Concept:
As in the brief, the users would feel that they are a part of the story. After they know the reason that the King need to help the baby from Shot 1-3, they will be the assistant of the king along whole story.

Design Concept:
Save Nanda Bayin is not just a project with games or activites, but it also shows Bamar and Mon ancient architecture and dressing style. Although most of the scenes are in the forest, the first scenes in the palace are the first impressions and the same thing with the last scenes. Moreover, the loading page is the most important symbol of Mon people in that era, a couple of swans. This symbol may not related to this chaper, but if the users look at it, they may find out what it is, and that is a good beginning before reading the Black Tongue book.

All most all background of the Save Nanda Bayin will be water colors drawing to make the user be able to see the difference between the charactors and the backgrounds. All charactors and foregrounds will by computer drawing in Adobe Flash.

Innovation Statement:
All design concepts together could make this project outstanding. Most of Flash website and games always use motion tween or classsic tween for their animation, but this project will use frame by frame animation with water color background, which is more attractive, and likes the real animation film.

Target Audience:
Target audiences of Save Nanda Bayin are the fans of Black Tongue book. Personally, I think that if the users have never read this book, they will feel more exited when they play the games or activites. So this means, the target auduences can be both the fans and people who interesting in the book. Black Tongue is the book with G rate, which means anybody with any age can read it.

Currently, Black Tongue book is about 75% done, so it is not released yet. This project can also be the first step to promote this book, by engaging more fans from my blog (my blog got about 500 views a day).

Media and Technology to be used:
Adobe Flash – for all animations and interactive elements
Scanner Software – to scan watercolor drawings
Microsoft Photo Manager – to manage brightness/contrast of watercolor drawings
Audacity – for recording my voice and edit some creative common music

Special elements:
Save Nanda Bayin includes 15 activities and half of them are games. All these special elements are designed to fit in the story. In the other word, all the activities are not just random games, but they have a relationship to each part of story.

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