Save Nanda Bayin: User Testing

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I finished this project before time about 1 week, so I had enough time to do the user project before the final submit. I did not do it as the poll as last project “Dinosaur World“, but I asked people around me to play it and I wrote things down on my book. After I knew where the problem was, I went back and fixed it in the file. After that I asked other different people again to play this game, and I did the same thing. Go back and fix. I did this about 5 times until I have an proper version of hints and the number of clicks.

Thank you, everyone who help me testing the project:
• Ryszard Dabek
• Shirley Young
• Asima Ahmed (spend about 11 minutes)
• Honglei Wei (spend about 9 minutes)
• Jo (spend about 8 minutes)
**I found that a clear hint can make them spend less time to play. Although in fact, I want them to guess what to do by themselves, but most people, who are not from IT related major have no idea that they should use keyboard or mouse. Moreover, they do not know if they need to click in the screen before type something in Keyboard Event case.

Thank you, everyone who helped me to make sure that all hints work fine:
• Andri Reiketsukan (she shared this on his Facebook and Google Plus)
• Wichaya Withurawanit (he said, he saluted)
• Nonglak Aroonchit (she said, it’s fun)
• Nattapol Thong-ou (he shared this on his Facebook)
• Nuch (spend about 5 minutes)
• กร ขอเป็นข้าฯ ใต้พระบาททุกชาติไป (he asked how could I made whole things)
• Chanon Kowasupat (he said, it’s cute, but took long time to load)
• Chu Amp (he said, it took long time to load, too)
• ชเนษฎ์ ศรีสุโข บล็อกกล้าดอทคอม (he said, awesome + thank you)

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