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This is the page for reference data which are all books I used, and also Wikipedia articles about dinosaurs. The entrance of this page has 4 eggs, and the user needs to click on each egg to break it, and the texts will fly out from the egg. These text are software, professor, thanks and bibliography.

Adobe Flash CS5 : all 2Ds drawing
Audacity : for recording all sound
3Ds Max : for Intro>Structure page

Action Script 3 help
Prof. Ryszard
Prof. Seema

All Dinosaurs
NJ Jordison (black dog)
All classmates in MMDE5001

John Malam and Steve Parker, Encyclopedia of Dinosaur and Other Prehistoric Creatures, (London: Parragon, 2002).
Nigel Marven, Dinosaurs, (London: Kingfisher, 2007).
Robert Mash, Exrtreme Dinosaurs, (NSW: Carlton Book Limited, 2009).
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, http://en.wikipedia.org.

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