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This section shows today animals which have similar look or similar structure to dinosaurs. The user will see a picture with 5 differents animals, and each of them stays in its proper place. When the users lay mouse over it, its size will increased, so the user knows that he/she can click. When he/she clicks on each animal, he will see its brief information, which are its name, its alias, its diet, its length and its hometown.

These are the dinosaur-like animals. Arranged by alphabetical order.

Living Crocodylomorpha from Mesozoic Period
Diet : Meats
Length : 3-16 ft (depend on the species)
Place : World-Wide

Best Vacuum Feet
Diet : Meat
Length : 1-2 ft
Place : Asia, Africa

Komodo Dragon
Largest Living Lizard
Diet : Meat
Length : 10 ft
Weight : 150 lb
Place : Indonesia

Largest Bird, Top Land Speed Bird
Often got compared with Troodon, the smartest dinosaur
Diet : Plants
Height : 9 ft
Weight : 300 lb
Place : Africa

Living Fossil
Diet : Meat
Length : 2 ft 6 in
Weight : 3 lb
Place : New Zealand

Water Monitor
“Worship them, then get A”
Diet : Meat
Length : 10 ft
Weight : 55 lb
Place : Thailand, India, Indonesia

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