First Design: DinosauRAWR

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© 2011 สว อิเฎล

The loading page of DinosauRAWR has a pteranodon flying in from the left to the top-right corner which is the location of website’s logo. When the loading completes, 5 main buttons (menu bar) will appear. They are on the rightside of the scene. After the user clicks on each of them, the sub-menu will appear at the bottom of the page. And when the user click on sub-menu, he will see the information of each comes up on the translucent baclground.

Loading Page

Intro : Geography and Period

Intro : Fossil

Exist : Dinosaur-Like Animals

Famous Dinosaur : Utahraptor

Famous Dinosaur : Seismosaurus

Famous Dinosaur : Stegosaurus

Play : Pick food for your dinosaur

About : Project Detail

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