Dinosaur’s Diet is not hard to assume

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This page is about how we assume what each dinosaur’s meal was. As it is about eating, I choose red color as the background, because the hot color will make people want to eat, too. When the user enters this page, they will see three different meals and three different dinosaurs. The user will click on the meal as the hint says; then the meal will jump directly to the plate in front of the dinosaur.

This is the result.

This is the article on the right side of the page.

Dinosaur’s Diet is not hard to Assume

Since we saw the skeletons of dinosaurs, it is not hard to assume their eating habits. The most simple things we could notice are their teeth. The one who had sharp teeth as crocodile would be the carnivore or meat eater, and the one who had all teeth with the same sizes would be the herbivore, even they were flat grinding teeth or pin teeth.

The second step is to assume what kind of things did the carnivore and herbivore eat. For the herbivore, the long-necked one would be able to eat both tall plants and short plants, and the strong-beak one could eat the strong twigs and the underground plants. For the carnivore, most carnivore would eat smaller animals, but some of them could eat bigger animal. Those predators who could eat the bigger animals had big curved claws, which allowed them climb on the prey’s body.

The running speed is also another factor to classify the food of predator. We could know the speed from the size of hind legs comparing with the size of whole body.

Moreover, we can also know how much the dinosaur needed to eat per a day. As dinosaurs have both bird and lizard figure, some dinosaurs could be cold-blood as lizard, and some could be warm-blood as bird. The fact is the warm-blood animals need the food 10 times bigger that the cold-blood animals.

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