No One Knows What Dinosaurs Look Like

Dinosaur World >> Intro >> Fossil

© 2011 สว อิเฎล

This page will let the user think what the actual dinosaur should look like. This page has a mouse-following mask to see the skeleton behind my drawing. The picture behind the drawing was taken by my aunt when we visit the Natural History Museum in New York City.

First design of this page had a skeleton of Triceratop (Tripple Horn) on a white area, and the user can use his/her mouse to draw on it. After that I found the sprite is still on the page, even I remove that .swf. If I want to remove all sprite, I have to put removeChild to every button in my main file, so to make it easy, I took the drawing part out.

This is the short message in the page.

Currently, no one on earth has seen the actual dinosaurs. The only thing we can have is their fossils and their skeletons. This means all dinosaur pictures and all dinosaur cartoons are based on human’s imagination.

Let’s think, dinosaur could have some extra organs which were not supported by the bones. As we can see in today animals such dog’s ears.

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