Put Your Words in the Dinosaur Animation

Dinosaur World >> Play >> Put Your Words in the Dinosaur Animation

© 2011 สว อิเฎล

Although I do not want to consider this interactive Flash as a game, but surely it is much more than a regular animation. The first part of this page is a form with 17 input text boxes. The user should fill in the input text boxes before they click ‘Play’. Each input text box has short explanation. For example, “What will you say, if you feel wonder.” The user will type whatever they think. The answer may be, “Oh my God, that’s crazy!”. After the user finishes typing the text in every input text box, they will click “Play”. The animation will include his/her words in it, so this means the user can be a part of this animation.

The plot of this story is easy to understand without any words or explanation. Both the man and the dinosaur read books about each other, and they learn that the other are dangerous for them. Next day, both wake up. The man sees the bee, and he wants to catch it, and the dinosaur sees the butterfly, and he wants to catch it. Both meet each other accidentally, and both are afraid. They run away from each other, but the world is round shape, so they meet again. The man gives a first try to be friend with the dinosaur, and the dinosaur tries it, too. The end scene is the caricature of “The Creation of Adam” painting by Michelangelo.

These are story sequencing pictures….

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