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Since DinosauRAWR has its menu-bar on the right side of the page, it causes the screen seems to be square, which is hard to work with, and does not give a feeling of freedom to the user. In Dinosaur World, the menu bar is moved to place at the bottom of the page which provide a wide screen, and I can also make a bucket-like button, that when the user click on it, the cover of the bucket will open, and the sub-menus just pop up.

Since I changed the position of main menu bar, I need to change the movement of loading page. In DinosauRAWR, main menu bar is on the right side, so the loading direction is the bird flying from the left to right. In Dinosaur World, main menu bar is at the buttom, so the camera movement will be from the top to buttom. This means I try ro keep its language which is to move from some point to the menu bar.

Not only the design which got changed, I also change something in site map.

One more sub-menu is added, which is Dinosaur’s Structure.

One sub-menu got removed, which is Toy. This is because I cannot see any reason to take the photos of any dinosaur toy around Sydney and put into this website. There is nothing to do with the purpose of this website which is to give the knowledge to the children.

Famous Dinosaur
I add some dinosaurs and remove some to make this list interesting. The dinosaurs that I have add are Deinonychus which is famous group predators and Tropeognathus which is the big bird in Avatar the movie. The dinosaurs that I removed are Seismosaurus which is too similar to Brachiosaurus, Anhanguera which is less famous than Tropeognathus, and Megaraptor which is similar to Utahraptor, but it just have a bigger size.

As I put in the original propersal that I may not do the “Put the conversation in the Animation”, but I found I got time to do it, and it should be more interesting than “Match the food”, which is less fun that “Pick the Food”. Finally, I made “Put the conversation in the Animation”, and I remove “Match the food”.

I keep most part of About section. The only change is all 5 sections of website have the descriptions at the first entrance, so Dinosaur World does not need to have site map anymore.

Please take a look at how different between these two site maps.

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