Why do I make Dinosaur World?

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Last year (2010), I began to write a long historical fiction, which we may call it, epic. This historical fiction is named, “Black Tongue”, which contains various dinosaurs and prehistorical animals. It forced me to learn about dinosaur, but I still felt I did not have enough knowledge. This is one of the reasons that I have chose this topic for the Flash website project. I have learned a lot more about dinosaurs, and this topic is also very flexible for me to try/test action script. For example, the zooming skeleton behind the drawing in Intro > Fossil page, the moving landmasses in Geography page, the changing of Dynamic Text in Movie page, Counting score by i++ in Arrange Dinosaur’s Size, Showing Input text in the animation, etc.

Moreover, a good reason to make this project is the topic of dinosaurs will always stay alive. 10 years later, this website is still not old-fashion. Almost all information is still make sense. So, this topic is worth enough for me to put all my time for it.

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