Class Enjoyment Scale (CEN), An Educational measurement

The class enjoyment scale consists 9 items. People who scored high in this part would have positive emotion toward their class. The examples of items in this scale are “I feel cooperative toward other classmates” and “I forget about time passing during class period.”

This class enjoyment scale consists of 3 dimensions, which are (1) Enjoyment regarding activities/assignment, (2) Enjoyment regarding classmate, and (3) Happiness/ General Enjoyment.

This measurement was initially tested before the first use. Cronbach’s Alpha is .744. KMO is .740. Determinant Value is .115. Extraction is ranged from .320 to .783. And Correlation between items is ranged from .002 to .562.

I tested this by using 4-point Likert scale.

1 = Disagree
2 = Somewhat Disagree
3 = Somewhat Agree
4 = Agree

Dimension A = Enjoyment regarding activities/assignment
Dimension B = Enjoyment regarding classmate
Dimension C = Happiness/ General Enjoyment

A1 I become involved in class activities.
A2 The challenge of class activities is adequate, neither too difficult nor too easy.
A3 I feel bored with things done in classroom.
B1 I feel cooperative toward other classmates.
B2 I have positive feeling toward most of my classmate.
B3 I have fun interacting with my friends in class period.
C1 I forget about time passing during class period.
C2 I become unaware of my surroundings while joining class activities.
C3 In the class time, I temporarily forget worries about everyday life.

Please feel free to use this scale or measurement in your research studies, but you just need to cite it correctly.
1) Arunrangsiwed, P., Komolsevin, R., & Beck, C. S. (2017). Fan Activities as Tools to Improve Learning Motivation. Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Journal of Management Science, 4(2), 16-32.
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