Uncertainty During Academic Course (UDAC) Scale/Measurement

The uncertainty during academic course scale (UDAC) contains 16 items. The examples of items in this scale are “I worry about unpredictable class activities”, and “Without close friends, I got nervous in group assignment.”

This uncertainty during academic course scale (UDAC) consists of 4 dimensions, which are (1) insufficient information, (2) perceived unsecured, (3) being in dilemma and crisis, and (4) losing social or meaningful object. These 4 dimensions were constructed based on Arunrangsiwed, P. (2017). Solution when Parting with my Dear Flash: Identifying Causes and Uncertainty Reduction Strategies. Executive Journal, 37(1), 3-13.

This measurement was tested before the first use. Cronbach’s Alpha is .814. KMO is .767. Determinant Value is .007. Extraction is .365-.739. And Correlation between item is ranged from .005 to .558.

I tested this by using 4-point Likert scale.

1 = Disagree
2 = Somewhat Disagree
3 = Somewhat Agree
4 = Agree

Dimension A = insufficient information
Dimension B = perceived unsecured
Dimension C = being in dilemma and crisis
Dimension D = losing social or meaningful object

A1 I worry about unpredictable class activities.
A2 I am frustrated when I do not know that my classmates know.
A3 I will feel comfortable if I know what would happen in tomorrow class.
A4 I want to know some more information about the class, so my life is going to be easier.
B1 I worry about my teachers’ decision.
B2 Class activities make me anxious or unsecured.
B3 In class, I have lack of confidence.
B4 During tests, I find myself thinking of the consequences of failing.
C1 I can easily move forward in the class lesson.
C2 I am stressed if I found a difficult problem.
C3 The assignment allows me to feel a sense of control of it.
C4 I worry if there is an immediately change in class activities.
D1 I am anxious when my classmates leave me alone.
D2 It is okay if my class preparation does not match others’.
D3 I had been in a better status in previous class.
D4 Without close friends, I got nervous in group assignment.

Please feel free to use this scale or measurement in your research studies, but you just need to cite it correctly.
1) Arunrangsiwed, P., Komolsevin, R., & Beck, C. S. (2017). Fan Activities as Tools to Improve Learning Motivation. Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Journal of Management Science, 4(2), 16-32.
2) Arunrangsiwed, P. (2018). Fan Activities as Tools to Improve Learning Motivation (Doctoral dissertation, Bangkok University).