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Creative Common

Sw Eden decides to turn the license of this website or current URL, Sw-Eden.NET from Creative Common to be All Rights Reserved. All posts before April 7, 2010 will maintain the same license, which are both Creative Common and All Right Reserved depended on each post. If you cannot see any word says, ‘All Rights Reserved’ or ‘ลิขสิทธิ์’ on the post before April 7, 2010, that post would be Creative Common.

After April 7, 2010, all post on this website will be All Right Reserved, because most viewers do not understand what Creative Common is.

The Creative Common Sw Eden had used is Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative. This means, you can use the article or photo for studying or charity or website without commercial, and you have to cite the author’s name, website’s name and the date you see the article in a correct way.

Click on image to read on Creative Common website

All Rights Reserved is what you cannot copy more than 10%, and you also need a correct citation. If you really need to use whole article, please send a notification e-mail to Please say in topic, ‘Ask for Permission Sw-Eden.NET’, and please clarify where and how you will use the article.

Sw Eden found some cases that users did not cite or use the article in a right way. People say just ‘’ which is not enough for citation. As in the 3rd paragraph, they have to put the author’s name, website’s name and the view date. For ‘Non-Commercial’ use, you may not put the article in the magazine or website which contain advertisement, or most of ‘.com’ website. Although it is a free magazine, you still earn money from the advertise in it, and also the same as website with advertisement.

The reason that we really need you to cite the author’s name is we are not just only one author. And the reason that we do not like Commercial is we provide you to read all these information/articles for free. We do not earn any dollars from this website, and we still have to pay for domain and space of photos. Moreover, we have to spend our money to go around and study to put the information in here.

Thank you for your respect,
Ratajit and Sw Eden

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