Sample Paper

Sample Business Letter
Sample Cover Letter
Sample Proposal
Sample Memorandum Report
Sample Persuasive Business Letter
Sample Business Memorandum
Sample Job Rejection Letter (Bad News)
Adjustment Letter (Good News Letter Style)
Sample of Request Letter
Adjustment Letter (Example)
Sample Claim Letter

Sample Essay
Games are as important for adults as they are for children : Sample Essay
Why do you think people visit museums when they travel to new places? Sample Essay
What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city? Why? Sample Essay
Parents are the best teachers? TOEFL Essay
If you could change one important thing about your home town, what would you change? TOEFL Essay
A friend of yours has received some money and plans to use all of it either # to go on a vacation # to buy a car.
Television has destroyed communication among friends and family: TOEFL essay
Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer?
All students should be required to study art and music in secondary school : Sample Essay
There is nothing that young people can teach older people : Lovely Essay
When young people want to be a happy webmaster!
“Google is effecting our mental circuitry and the way we form and order our thoughts.”
Google Let Us Step Accross the Steps
Google make us “Clickaholic”
Even Google teaches me a lot, I still need to have my own experience.
“I will use Google before asking dumb questions.”
5 ways how to get high ranking on Google!!!
Google SketchUP and Google Earth are harmful or useful for Architecture Students?
Movement of Online Protestor Against Myanmese Military Government
Human Cloning and Moral
Welcoming Celebration for the Fresh Men (รับน้อง)
Relationship between Employees & Managers in Thailand & USA
Bad Driver in Bangkok City, Thailand
Jane Hirshfeild beautiful poetry
Meaning of “Halley’s Comet” by Stanley Kunitz
Halley’s Comet of Stanley Kunitz Analysis by Sw Eden
T.S. Eliot The Waste Land analysis by Sw Eden
3 lives help 3 places
Thai Elephant should not be allowed to walk in the city
Patch Adams the Movie
The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, Gothic Architecture and drawing
Mr. Jones the Movie Review
Citicorp Center Building, Structure and how to solve problem
ศิลปะ และ วิทยาศาสตร์ ความซับซ้อนของโลกมนุษย์
Thailand Traditional Love & Sex Culture
Benefits of Adopted Children
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