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Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids : Lost Eyes

Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids : Lost Eyes fan video
Music is Jojoushi of L’Arc~en~Ciel

One of L’Arc en Ciel myspace profiles had written that the influence of L’Arc en Ciel was Marilyn Manson. As we can see that Hyde played pope in their song Revelation, and he play “Sweet dreams are made of this” in his solo show. Hyde may be so happy when he sees this video. Anyway, I do not care. I want to express the story of the eyes. Eyes are really symbolic for me. It is about all receptors of human. When people can just express, but cannot receive everything, that is so poor. The poorest guy in here is Daisy Berkowitz, and the one who feel like the audience is Twiggy Ramirez.

You can visit this set on Flickr to download all high quality rendering. (Click on this text)


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Marilyn Manson Thai Webboard Info

Sw Eden has been the runner at Marilyn Manson Thai Webboard since spring 2006.
And 2007, Mo0 Manzon just joined as another runner. We have done a lot of translate things about Marilyn Manson into Thai Language, and we do hate a lot, if people copy our stuff and post in their website without permission. We feel we work so hard and those who copied us are so shameless.

You can keep reading the update at http://board.thaimisc.com/manson

Both us will continue working whenever we have time.

This is the picture on our header. Design by “Mai (or My)”, she is one of the most important userห of our webboard.


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