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American Freshman Dormitory : Sw Eden first room

Written by Sw Eden since the first year in the United States. Describe what the bedroom looked like, and the experience through the room. Sw Eden did not explain the roommate-sharing stuff such microwave, television and bathroom. After being the Freshman, Sw Eden moved out to rent his own room, because of the unacceptable behavior of roommate and its friends.

Having a good roommate is the best thing in the dormitory life.
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More important to me than any room in the apartment is my own bedroom. it has decorations that reflect my own personality. Walking up to entrance of my bedroom, you will notice that it is very small and cozy.

When you look up to middle of the room, you see a single size bed covered with my micro-fiber blanket. When you take a look at my room, it may seem very messy to you. But someone who is in this room can have lots of sweet dreams. Next to my bed, in the left corner of room, is a small drawer. This is very useful for me; Sw Eden keeps much stuff in it. On the top of drawer, there are some of my drawings for my pleasure before Sw goes to bed. Also there are different types of my roommate’s shampoo. Next to the shampoo, there is my cold body powder which Sw Eden uses in the hot day. Behind the body powder, Sw Eden has a basket of some little personal items, such as, Christmas socks, Knee socks and many Halloween socks.

This shot was taken in the room in Koh Chang Tropicana. We stay there 2-3 nights. I swam in the lovely pool of this resort. The pool is near the beach. I can jump out from the pool and jump down to the sea.
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On the bed, there is my black school bag and many papers of homework that seem to show a very natural human character which does pretend to study. On the right side of the room is my desk covered with many writing and painting supplies and a lamp. Besides, there is a wooden snake toy right front of the lamp with my chain. Next to my desk, there are bags full of empty. It means that Sw Eden likes to drink a lot of milk until Sw Eden corrects at least two bags of empty bottles to get some deposits back. Next to the drawer, Sw Eden has a guitar that Sw Eden loves a classical sound when Sw Eden plays it. My window is behind the desk that Sw Eden can look at the sky when Sw Eden studies. There is a beautiful view outside the window although there are three buildings around. The reason that make me feel, they are so beautiful is my roommate that its place are so terrible to see. Anyway, Sw Eden always feels good to have a nice day in this room without this roomate.

Also, Sw Eden wants to tell about the picture which hangs on the middle wall. This is one of my favorite bands, Marilyn Manson. The members from the left to the right hand side are, Twiggy Ramirez (Jeordie Francis White) – ex. bassist, John5 (John Lowery) – ex. guitarist, Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner) – vocalist, leader Ginger Fish (Franklin Kenneth Robert Wilson) – drummer, and Madonna Wayne Gacy. All members take their name from Hollywood women stars and serial murders. Pictures of these people and my own drawings can be a really good friends for me in this lonely room. To feel lonely is always better than to have a noisy roommate. In that case, there is a time to discover the treasures of my bedroom. Every bedroom has its own treasures but not everyone realizes the powers that we hold, the power of relax, and the power of sleep.

To feel lonely is always better than to have a noisy roommate.
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Thunderstorm in Thailand

If you plan to visit Thailand for your vacation and you find that Thailand has Thunderstorm everyday, you MUST NOT CHANGE YOUR PLAN!!

Thunderstorm in Thailand is not like what you have seen in New York, Washington or England. In Thailand, everyday is mostly sunny. Thunderstorm will happen at night, beginning at 5-6PM; and it is not longer than 3 hours. Almost raining is about 2 hours. So you can have a lot of time at noon to travel around Thailand.

If you are in Thailand, you can know the thunderstorm before it happens for 1 hour. You have to have a compass with you, and you look at the South West of the sky. Regular round cloud does not cause the rain. The only cloud that that cause the thunderstorm is 100-story-skyscraper cloud. You will see it about 5PM, and it will rain at 6PM. If you understand all this, you do not have to carry an umbrella for whole day. Sw Eden is Thai, and Sw Eden do not carry any umbrella, too.

Hey hey Ken Zi:Kill is not Thai, so he have to carry the umbrella. 😀

The best time to take a tour in Thailand is in the Winter. Most of foreigners who visit Thailand are from colder countries. Thai winter is not that hot as summer. Some people said that Thailand has 4 seasons, are Hot, Hotter, Hottest and Hot Water (rain). In fact, we are the super cool country!! Sw Eden means Thailand is so interesting. Most of the winter day, you will not see any thunderstorm. You can also have a good time with photography in this season, because the shade and shadow are so shape. Winter does not have much cloud. You will see clear-light-blue sky back of your view. Sw Eden loves winter in Thailand a lot. The only thing Sw Eden hates is that Sw Eden does not have a water heater at home, so it is so cold when Sw Eden takes a bath! But you can have a good time with hot bath in every hotel and apartment (All have water heaters).

**If you feel that some swindlers try to bring you into their tour, you can ask me about the trip and its price.

Moon in NYC, Photo by Sw Eden on Flickr

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Lumpini Suite Pinklao (LPN 3) คอนโด ปิ่นเกล้า

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Photo of Flickr Sw Eden

This is the room not for rent. Most of the rooms in here are one bedroom, but I prefer 2 bedroom, because I got bigger and more comfortable place, – especially the view is so wonderful.

This is some information about this room. I post it here, because you may want to know.
Yeah, I took these photos, myself.

Have a great day!

Apartment Lumpini Suite 3 Pinklao
Spec : 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living-room, 1 kitchen, 2 balcony
Space : 63.53 sq.m.
floor : 12A
view : Grand Temple, Jaransanitwong Rd., Pinklao Rd., Swimming Pool
Site/Location : At the corner with crossing of Jaransanitwong Rd. and Pinklao Rd. Right next from PATA department store, and very easy to walk to Central Pinklao and Lotus supermarket
Communication : Near the upcoming Subway (blue line); and there are a lot of buses and van to go to both Bangkok, Nonthaburi and NakornPrathom
Facilities : Swimming Pool and Fitness is free; Stream Room, Sauna (Pay)
Furniture :
3 Air-conditions
1 refrigerator
2 Electric Cook
Kitchen closet
Smoke cleaner
1 Sink
Television and its cabinet (TV)
2 soft-chair (Stool)
2 bedroom sets
dining table, 3 dining chairs
Water heater
Cabinets, dressing table, shelf

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Photo of Flickr Sw Eden

ห้องสุดหรูที่ Lumpini Suite Pinklao
วิวดี ไม่มีอะไรบัง เห็นวัดพระแก้วด้วย
ห้อง คอนโด LPN Suite 3 ปิ่นเกล้า
ขนาด : 2 ห้องนอน, 2 ห้องน้ำ, 1 ห้องรับแขก, 1 ห้องครัว, 2 ระเบียง
พื้นที่ : 63.53 ตารางเมตร
ชั้น : 12A
วิวที่เห็น : วัดพระแก้ว, ถนนจรัญสนิทวงศ์, ถนนสมเด็จพระปิ่นเกล้า, สระว่าน้ำ
ที่ตั้ง : อยู่หัวมุมแยก ของถนนจรัญสนิทวงศ์ และ ถนนสมเด็จพระปิ่นเกล้า ตัดกันสามารถเดินไปห้าง พาต้า, เซ็นทรัล และ โลตัส ได้สะดวก
คมนาคม : ใกล้รถไฟฟ้าสายสีน้ำเงิน ที่จะเกิดขึ้นในอนาคตอันใกล้, และยังมีรถเมล์มากมายเข้ากรุงเทพ อีกทั้งรถตู้ออกต่างจังหวัด เช่นนครปฐม และ นนทบุรี
Facilities ส่วนกลาง : สระว่ายน้ำ และ Fitness (ฟรี) ; ซาวน่า (Pay)
เฟอร์นิเจอร์ :
แอร์ 3 เครื่อง
ตู้เย็น 1 เครื่อง
เคาน์เตอร์ครัว, ตู้ลอย
โทรทัศน์ และตู้วาง TV
เก้าอี้นวมสตูล 2 ตัว
เตียง และฟูก อย่างละ 2 (หมอน และเครื่องนอน)
ตู้เสื้อผ้า, โต๊ะเครื่องแป้ง, ชั้นวางของ

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Photo of Flickr Sw Eden


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