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Racial Discrimination on me, as an Asian Lady

S. W. Eden

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Racial Discrimination on me, as an Asian Lady

When I was in New York City as an undergraduate student, I liked to go to many museums and galleries in my free time. I had my small backpack with me.

Once, I went to an art museum, and lined up with other visitors. Most of them were white with the age ranged from around 40 to 70, I guess. The security guard did not call any white visitor to check the bag or backpack, but they asked me to see inside my backpack.

I was the only one small female Asian girl in that line. I just wondered why the security guard prejudice me or Asian girl like that. That time I did not say anything, because I was young and did not know much about my right or the fact about discrimination.

female lady asia asian women discrimination racisl racism

Later, I was in an airport in Europe. Again, I was discriminated by the lady at the security check. She asked me to take off my boots and put into the X-Ray scanner. I did it, but I had a question. I asked her why she did not ask any men who wore the same kind of boots to take off their shoes. She could not answer my question, but she tried to say that it was her right to ask anyone there to take off the shoes.

Although she tried to act like having much power to do anything there, I knew that she would learn something that she should treat people equally, whether they are Asian, White, women, men, or other minority.

That time, I learned that it is not only men who discriminate women, but some women also discriminate against women. These women may have more positive attitude toward men than their own gender, or they may be jealous those with the same gender.

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1 buck can feed 10 meals

There are a lot of poor people in Thailand. Many of them earn just 1 bath (3 cents) a day. On TV, a grandmother and kids, who the parents left, because of poverty. That old woman could grow the kids up with that little money. In far-away place, the rice is so cheap. Poor people cannot choose to eat other things. No other food. Just rice. That is their best food. And the same, in Africa. Poor people with undernourished, then the dicease.

Poverty are ‘no clean, no healthy, no good life-quality. They do not want even the cloth. The cloth cannot fill their hungriness.

I wrote about people buying exceed things. Some people have 40 pairs of shoes. Some people pay to have short trip in other countries. They pay just for happiness of themselves. Just short-time happiness, at the same moment, million people scream with hungriness.

In a supermarket, it writes, “100 bags feed 100 meals”. They say ‘Go Green’. It is hard to immagine, that how many people really think about it.

I am telling you today, and I hope you will say it to other friends. Many people and many different way to persuade.
Thank you very much. You are so nice.

**I should talk about “Sufficiency Economy” the words from my King, later.

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