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Buddhism, Religion Must Change

S. W. Eden

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Buddhism, Religion Must Change

In Buddhism, there are four stages of enlightenment, Sotāpanna, Sakadāgāmi, Anāgāmi, and Arahant. But, why are there less enlightened people today, compare to 2000 years ago?

I think I got an answer. As in the same person, one’s identity could be transformed and changed over the time, the many generation of 2000 years, people could be changed in many things, such as identities, belief, cultures, lifestyle, intelligence, and also relationship to one another.

A lesson could teach and enlighten people in 2000 years ago may not be able to use with the most people living in the current day. 2000 years changed in timeline, and from India to Thailand or China… These are totally different cultures.

change religion Thailand Buddha Buddhism

There should be some change in many parts of lessons or principles. However, most Buddhists cannot accept the change. They believe that all of Buddha’s words are perfect and unchangeable.

They are wrong. If you guys learn about Buddha’s biography, you will found that he changed the rules many times. A very outstanding change is that women were later allowed to become a monk. In fact, Buddha had a very negative attitude toward women, but the monk, Anandha, pointed him to think about the fact that women can be enlightened as well as the men.

Since things could be changed during the time that Buddha were living, it should be able to change in the current day according to culture and laws of the society. These people believe that the only one who could change the principle is Buddha. Even other Arahant monks still cannot change anything.


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Give Food to Monk: section 1 – a little miracle

By RataJIT:)
Every time, when I want to give food to monk, I will early wake up @ 5 a.m. to cook and will be ready about 6 a.m. I must drive far away from my house to find monks. I usually find only 1-2 monks and have to continue driving to find other monks until finishing my giving food to them. I do know this wastes the petrol while it’s necessary for me to do that.
ถวายเทียนพรรษา Give the big cadle to Temple in Raining Season

One morning, I intended to give food to 6 monks. I found only one monks and I hardly found others. After driving for a while, I could find only another one. If I made my decision to drive forward to find the left monks, I had to drive too far. Therefore, I drove u-turn and hoped that the opposite should have some monks or I had to bring all food back home.
After u-turn, I still could not find any monk, although the way was near my house. However, miracle could happen in real life! I suddenly found 4 monks walked one by one back temple.
Finally, I could give food to 6 monks as my intention. I feel really happy, then.

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Lotus for Buddhist Monk

The Buddists always give the lotuses to the monks or to the temple. They do as tradition. In fact, they can give any kind of flower to the monk. Monks are from various kinds of people with various of status. There is no classes or levels after ordination. Every monk respects each other. Buddha said that the monks were from many different places, so people can give them any kind of flowers.

Why do people give lotus to the monk?

Buddha compared human as lotus in 4 position. First is the under-the-mud lotus. That is people who cannot understand anything, although the genius tries to teach them. Second is the under-the-water lotus. That is people who must take time to understand something. Third is the boom lotus. That is people who can understand anything so fast, and they really need the teacher or the knowledge from anywhere. Forth is the bloom lotus. That is people who are really bright. They can understand everything suddenly and exactly correct.

Surely, the lotus that people can pick up from the water is the third or the forth. They think that monk must be bright people, because they are calm. When people are calm, they will understand everything well.

This is the reason that Buddists give monk the lotus.


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