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Hero is to Turn Over a New Leaf; Nevin Chidchob

กรุณาอย่าคัดลอกไปใช้ในเว็ปอื่น หรือสิ่งพิมพ์ใด ๆ
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“Look in the mirror, Say, I’m a Hero”, a part of Zi:Kill lyrics in a song which I have never ever understand by its Japanese language. Let’s look at a guy called, “Hero” for Thai people 2010, Nevin Chidchob (เนวิน ชิดชอบ).

Nevin and his father, Chai Chidchob had been with the side of Tuksin Shinnawat, the tyrant. Many Thai people consider Nevin as a weird guy who has Myanmar name and he is called, “Cambodian Shaman”. He looked for the Northeast of Thailand for Tuksin in its prime minister period, and people said that he also did some black magic things to help Tuksin alive.

About two years ago, Nevin grasped that he was with the wrong side. It was the time for him to turn over a new life. All the Thai educated people had hated Nevin, but right then when he knew his past mistake, all people did forgive him. After that, he has worked for the democracy of Thailand which mean the anti-tyrant and anti-communism.

His new group is called, “the Blue Shirt” which resist the Red Shirt protesters in the Northeast of Thailand. The Blue Shirt is from the Northeast, too. The fact is most Red Shirt comes from poor or uneducated people in the Northeast. To run these people to work for something, one has to have money to pay them. Spring 2010, the number of the Red Shirt rebels was extremely increased because of the revenge of the tyrant. The Blue Shirt who had worked very hard in 2009 got slow down.

Nevin’s politic movements bring all the Bangkokers called him, “Hero”. They said, “Oh!, that’s the Blue knight”, “Nevin is so awesome”, until “He could be our next prime minister”. Nevin does not change only himself and Thai people’s attitude to him, he also changes his father to be with him. Personally, Nevin is very happy to be with the good side. Everyone loves to be admired. As Nevin’s past, he could understand the feeling of being abused so well. Right now, while he acts to be called, “Hero”, Tuksin pays to be called, “Hero”. While he is called, ‘Hero’ by educated people and the Bangkokers, Tuksin is called, ‘Hero’ by uneducated people. So just consider, which one is the last long.

กรุณาอย่าคัดลอกไปใช้ในเว็ปอื่น หรือสิ่งพิมพ์ใด ๆ
All Rights Reserved ©Sw Eden

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“Sometime, everything just points to the blue sky”, Sw Eden

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Where should Temple of Phra Viharn be in?

You can tell your opinion in here.

Temple of Phra Viharn

I went to Ancient City Garden in Thailand in this vacation. People really liked to get on the duplicated (เขาพระวิหาร), because it was the top news of Thailand in 2008. Many people who are not Thai may not know about this. I will explain it briefly.

Most I know was from newspaper. (เขาพระวิหาร) was in Cambodia, but the entrance was in Thailand. Cambodia needed the area of the entrance and all area around it. I heard that some Thai politicians in the 2007-2008 governments had a business in Cambodia. To give those areas to Cambodia was one of the business’ agreement. Those Thai politicians fought for Cambodia to get what they needed. In fact, whole (เขาพระวิหาร) was in Thai, 150-250 years ago. When France got Cambodia as a colony, France wrote a new map which included the area of (เขาพระวิหาร). Thai people in that time do not know how to read maps as the European. Nowadays, many areas between Thailand and Cambodia are overlapping. Surely, Cambodia needed to get all them officially.

Many Thai people I met in the Ancient City Garden talked about this issues, too. They thought that (เขาพระวิหาร) should had been owned by Cambodia, because the ancient race of them built it. In my opinion, that is not enough reason for current time. “Current territory” or after Thailand lost all colonies to France and England. King Rama 4 and King Rama 5 talked to keep whole Thai territory, by letting the colonies go.

If you consider about all Gothic buildings in Europe, and should all those areas be owned by Germany? Currently, we should consider about current world. What should be what’s. How can we be peaceful without a dirty advantage.

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