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MTV2 Rock Battle NYC

Look at whole things here. My set on Flickr

MTV2 and Time Warner Cable Crown
Rock Battle in 2008
Status Green
The Canon Logic
Lights Resolve
Testing for Echo
Kelsey and the Chaos

Lights Resolve got the winner.
When I listen to “Avenue of Criminal” of the band, The Canon Logic; I love it very much. It is a good style between 90’s punk and modern! The tone of Vocalist is so appropriate to this style also.

They did pretty well! See

and also many interview that Panic! at the Disco guys comments to these bands.

You may link to other video in the same day.

You will miss the time of Panic! at the Disco when Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie were together

They were too young, so they do not know what they should have done. They will be more famous if they are together. Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie

The Webster Hall, NYC

Status Green is also the friend of Lights Resolve.

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