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Paradox Thai Band – Chacha (Lyrics translated to Eng)

lyrics เนื้อร้อง : Ittipong “TaTa” Kidakorn na Ayutaya
Music ทำนอง : Ittipong “TaTa” Kidakorn na Ayutaya
Arranged เรียบเรียง : Paradox
Translated แปล : Sw Eden (http://sw-eden.deviantart.com)

* Chacha da cha dadad chadaw
Chacha da cha dadad chadaw
Chacha da cha dadad chachadaw… huhu

By you, you are like the shining sun.
You change the darkness to be the happy day of heart.
And you, you are like the wind that blow the regret,
And splash the honey instead

** Hold the hand, look into the eyes
I have never been tired
And I am ready to walk till the horizon

* X2
Your eyes, you highly empower, you sparkle my heart
Change it to be the new life, grace
And there is you near me. We will walk strongly
I want to do everything for you

( ** / * X2 / music / ** / * X2 )


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