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On Songkran Day or Thai water festival day:Help a Myna Bird!

By RataJIT:)
Here under, RataJIT writes about my Songkran Day or the water festival or Thai New Year Day or Thai family day on Apr 13-14, 2010.

Buddhas in Thailand

Certainly, RataJIT always gives food to monks in the early morning. Also, pouring water onto a Buddha statue as well as on the hands of revered elders from my elder sister till grandmother/father and ask for their blessing too, ha ha!

วัดชลประทานรังสฤษดิ์ โดยรตจิตรmyna bird 3

By the way, for this year, RataJIT has a chance to help a chick of myna bird. She still cannot fly but has an accident to fall from the roof. Suddenly, she is in my dog’s mouth. You can doubt that a lovely chick in a dog’s mouth, ha ha delicious! Her father and mother also want to chase my dog away without success. RataJIT has to chase, chase my beloved dog until feel too tied to get such chick out.
Moreover, I have to climb up to the roof more than twice to bring this myna chick back to the roof while her parents chase me too. RataJIT took these lovely photos through my Mosquito wire screen. One photo is the fallen myna bird from the roof, so lovely…

5 ที่เที่ยว ทัวร์ไหว้พระ 4 วัด นนทบุรี และ 1 ตลาดน้ำmyna bird -2

Actually, RataJIT is really afraid of heights and scarcely climb up to the roof but this time RataJIT makes my decision to help such chick because:
– RataJIT used to be negligent with this story and some chicks was bitten by ants and died
– RataJIT took the dog inside home but the chicks died from Sun burnt
– The most reason is RataJIT sees her parents always feed, so love and are really kind to their chick on the whole day even the rainy or the hottest or the storm day.

ทัวร์ไหว้พระ 4 วัด ครึ่งวัน สมุทรสาครmyna bird -1

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