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Halley’s Comet of Stanley Kunitz Analysis by Sw Eden

It is better to read a final paper

During this busy week, I found a really good poetry. It is Halley’s Comet of Stanley Kunitz. It helped me a little bit from the stress of that design class. Stanley Kunitz really makes me want to go back to my childhood. He began this poem as he was a kid who got taught at school, and he totally believed. He touched and really felt about the words that professor and teacher did not care that much. The little kid is just like a white sheet of paper. He does not know the world so well as us. The first person who painted on that paper will be the winner of whole game. He felt those words and he could see them along his life in any place. He got covered by those thoughts and he sat with his family. His family did not feel that way. They are old and dull (dull, because of the age) enough to not care about religion. He was with them, and they could control him. Surely, he was a kid. And a really strange part of poem is that he can escape from the family or people who could control him. He climbs up to the roof, and he stays alone. He is free to think. He is free to do anything he wants. But! he still believes that he is not free from the Lord. The Lord will control this world, and every life does depend on Him. He has never seen the end of the world, and he is waiting to see. How many years ago, from that day till now? The thought is really hard to be change.

I cannot feel his way. I cannot be peaceful to wait someone to kill me. However, I also need everyone to feel his way. If we believe that we will be killed by the Lord one day in our life, we will understand what the life is and understand how small we are. Many people want to change to world. They are so young. When they grow up and have family. They do not satisfy perfectly 100% to their families. They need to change something. They are free to think, but are not free to act. At the end of their life, they cannot change just to stay a little longer. People were not born to change the world, but they got change by the world. The world put the thought into them, and they became the world’s.

Is this ugly? As I told you, I need to see people think as Stanley Kunitz. People will know how to act. They will know their responsibility. At least, they will be nice. I love to see the policy without corruptions, The society without envy and a lot of things. But who care to make the world better? This is as same as Stanley Kunitz’s parent and sister. They just make their life better first.

At our age, we are not innocent to believe such these words of teacher easily anymore. The students who agree with that teacher had believed in the last day, before the class. Anyway, you should believe in the last day, too (laugh). Stanley Kunitz was still alive when he wrote this poem. He is God’s. If there was not people as him anymore, that would be the last day. The revelation will happen when the world is full with Anti-Christ or Anti-God or Satanism.

To read the poem, just google it.

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