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Alcest “Lunar Abysses” Live in New York

Sw Eden fascinated with Melodic Death Metal when Sw was in high school and early college time. Sw Eden used to feel that it is the super cool thing to listen to. If I could listen to hard/dark/heavy things, I would be the most excellent listener. I actually liked when the music loud out my brain. I loved to hear the bold guitar solo which did not make me happier, but make me bolder. I loved to scream their way and annoyed all my neighborhood in the dormitory. If they forgot about X Japan (Biography 1, 2, 3), they knew me as the Heavy Metal lover. I was so proud with that.

T-Shirt of Alcest “Lunar Abysses” Over North America Tour. I am sorry for my dark bed.

During the first year in the United States, Sw Eden took an Architecture Design class with my friend, Steven. Every time I talk with him, it will about about melodic death metal. He had promised me the show, so he bought a ticket of a band called, “Alcest”, but I was the one who missed the promise. I bought the ticket already, but I just knew in that morning that I could not go. Steven told me the guitar sounds so awesome, and it was very packed when the band played. He stood in the second row from the front, but his camera did not work.

He got me a Alcest “Lunar Abysses” Over North America Tour T-Shirt which should be $25. He said that it is more than the price of an album and the price of the show. He did not want me to wear it, because of the quality of material. He told me that I should pin it up on the wall, because of its super cool swan-like logo.

Death Metal or Black Metal bands always play the graphic with beautiful curved line and silent/stable dark artwork. Their music videos do not tend to have the story, but just the way they play the instruments. Sw Eden’s favorite type of music video is not both Black Metal style and love story teller. Sw Eden likes the graphic/symbolic one such as the original lineup of Panic! at the Disco and Zi:Kill. The old Panic! at the Disco videos have a lot of things to think and to learn about. The lyrics are really great, too. When their songs combine with their symbolic music videos, they becomes a great piece of artwork.

This is my friend who loves Death Metal, Guitar and Tony Jaa

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Hide kissed Ran (Twinzer)

This is an old issue, that me and my friends did talk about 2 years ago in an X-Japan webboard. Someone said that this is xoxoxo sexy. Hide is actually sexy.

Clip from 50% 50% show of Hideto Matsumoto in her early-age solo work, may called Psychommunity

Most of people in webboard were curious that who Hide’s partner on the stage was. He is Toshiya Matsukawa or Ran. I had seen his second hand CD, but I didnt take it.
Read more of his detail here http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=121796

In fact, there is another page, which describe about this person so well. The admin is a Deviantart user. You can search for it. Sw Eden will not do research about this person. If you will him, you can do it. Right now, you know all keywords.

Twinzer video, I found on Youtube/Google


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Mushroomhead Live Photos

All Photos were taken by Sw Eden on Spring 2007 and Fall 2007

If you want to talk to the band, you can contact them on Myspace. Try to use member page instead of band page.

Lin Dan Fox and Stitch

Waylon Reavis and my friend’s arm; she wear green in that day

Waylon Reavis Tougue

Mushroomhead Band Dressing Room

Gravy; he had point at my head, haha.

Drum Kick of Skinny or Steve Felton

TAMA Artstar : Drum Kick of Skinny or Steve Felton

One of my most favorite shot of Waylon Reavis and Jeffrey Nothing

In fact, I am not sure, if J Nothing does not like me.

Waylon Reavis in Red Suit

If you can remember the style of black suit in Simple Survival music video

Waylon Reavis’ Head Side Elevation

Waylon Reavis got vampire eyes also

Someone do not like Pig Benis.

It is polite to show these finger.

Scream of Waylon Reavis. So what do you think about the cosmetic?

Mushroomhead has 7-9 people in the band. Sometimes they have guest.

Waylon Reavis loved to not disappointing their fans

Although many people do not like the blur photo, but I like it a lot, because it shows the movement.

Although they have toured with Psyclon Nine, I have never stayed until the Psyclon Nine show, because I want to go to bed.


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