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Love to my Love

I composed 2 poems in very different times.
There are big different between them.
The poems were said from 2 different guys, but to the same girl. What do you think, and which guy that the girl will love. Different people, and different thought.

+++++++Let’s read+++++++

The Best in my Arms

Fall in love with a girl
Wanna be just like her

How beauty on your hair
How pretty on your dress
Scare on your face
I need date you all time

Oh my dear, don’t fear please
Indeed, no bad damn
All I’ve done, are not harm
This is how I feel you

Whatever you did
Seems like kid, and I do
I will follow you
Cause my love’s never ended

I got one of your friends
Did your drain as his den
I had no comment
Pay him yens, let him to do mine

I like when you’re thin
You were queen of feminine
And I was thin masculine
Don’t ask why we are spouses

Then you do fitness
You are best in that house
I follow with no doubt
I announce I love you

Laid down your guitar
Oh kinda, I did too
No one even knew
I gotta do my love damn

I will hold you chest
The greatest in my arms
No panic, just be calm
There’s no time, when we’re one

The best in my arms


Back from Copiague

Meet you at Seaford
Your right hand is in my left hand
I kiss you, and I know you want it
I will never let you know the dark side of me
I will make you smile everyday
You will never feel empty
You went beyond the ocean
I will see your face every morning
I will sing your songs for you
The same, I will sing my songs for you
I will feel you as you need
I will touch your hair
Inhale as spring flower
I will tell you by the words I trust
I am not you
I am not like you
But I am someone who loves you
I love everything I have known about you
I will say
You are the best guitarist in the world
Until my last breath

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