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Coral in a part of Thailand

Living coral has colors and shining stars on the top.
I had seen the white dead coral in a part of Thailand. People call it, “การฟอกขาว”.

– The temperature of the ocean was increased.
– Toxic in the water.

– Coral dies.
– Small fish dies
– Big fish doesn’t have food and dies.
– Tusk dies.

You can follow the growing-coral method that I have done it with other Thai people. >>CLICK<< Do it for your places or your countries


If you cannot grow the coral or do not have the opportunity to dive, you can help it by saving the world from global warning.

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How to grow coral by yourselves?

I always visit Thai sea to see my beloved coral. One of those times, I had a chance to grow coral.

1. Prepare the PVC tube, Snokering????? and small screw
2. Go to pick a living coral in the sea. (Only for the coral in antler shape)
3. Break it to be smaller pieces.
4. Put each pieces in PVC tube and screw it. (Please do 3-4 very quickly.)
5. Turn the coral into the sea as fast as you can.

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