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The Suinan Dangers : Zi:Kill Cover

Ken Zi:Kill said he was alive, and Zi:Kill said in 1999, they were alive. Anyway, the band which is actually alive is “THE SUINAN DANGERS” (or Si:Koll ?). They are the Zi:Kill cover band. Youtube has many of their live show. The latest show I found is the last November 12, 2009 at Club Saru

Sw Eden cannot read Japanese so I use the Google translate with this website http://ip.tosp.co.jp/i.asp?i=suinandangers. If you can read Japanese, just click at it, it will be better to than my words. 😛

My guess, The Suinan Dangers is an Baseball Team who makes the cover for all bands Tusk (Itaya) have been in. The Suinan Dangers have done the cover for Zi:KiLL and The Slut Banks (Sw am not sure if they do Craze cover???). I like the headband of the vocalist a lot.

Band lineup is
Vocal – Tusz
Guitar – Dr.Caplton
Bass – Dutch-Y
Drums – Mon’koh Star

About their original band, I found in the same website, you can find a lot of photos on Google Search. So Google it!!

Below here are The Suinan Dangers Video from Youtube user shinsuzuki
If you go to User page, you will see “Super Drop Babies” the band of the Vocalist and the Drummer of The Suinan Dangers, too.

Zi:Kill – Hysteric (by The Suinan Dangers)


Zi:Kill – Hysteric (Open the Gate)

Zi:Kill – What’s (by The Suinan Dangers)


Zi:Kill – What’s (Extasy Summit)

Zi:Kill – Tero (by The Suinan Dangers)


Zi:Kill – Tero

Zi:Kill – Yuuutsu (by The Suinan Dangers)


Zi:Kill – Yuuutsu (Early Live)

Zi:Kill – For me (by The Suinan Dangers)


Zi:Kill – For me (Live Rocket) **Eby is so happy

The Slut Banks – It for Love (by The Suinan Dangers)

The Slut Banks – Virtual People (by The Suinan Dangers)


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Change Myspace URL with Cool Page

If you already change what Myspace provide you to do (Read more about 1st change Myspace URL and Get your own New URL), you can try this super cool way to have a new URL on Myspace.com

1. Just sign up a new Myspace account.
2. Try to put the Java-Script in any box of Edit profile

<script language=”javascript”>
window.location=”YOUR OLD URL

3. Sw Eden have tried it million way, but Sw cannot put any Script into it. The only place that Sw can put is “Company”, but it does work.
4. Have a Super Cool Design to link to your old page
5. See the example I do for my own myspace Myspace.com/Sw_Eden
**if you need my design for your Myspace layout, you can hire me $25. to do the artwork for you. sw_eden@myspace.com

Just put this code to the section “Who I’d like to meet:”
See the code :

div.header1 {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 50%;
margin-left: -512px; <— Half of the width of  image or table
width: 1024px; <— Size of  image or table you use to cover
height: 768px; <— Size of  image or table you use to cover
body, .bodyContent  {
tr,table, td{background-color:transparent}
.comments {visibility:hidden;display:none;}

<div class=”header1″>
Your Stuff to Cover

<div class=”comments”><table><tr><td><table><tr><td> <— Hide the comment


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