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Bangkok CIty-Silom-Ratchaprasong

By RataJIT:)
Actually, Ratajit would say that Thai people is really excellent. Meanwhile of the protestation of Red Shirt, we are still in peace, we still stand with the DANGEROUS caused by these Red Shirt Protestants, and so on.
Nearly one month with more than 20 bombs happened in Bangkok and countless of guns. Today, Ratajit has a chance to go to Silom and Ratchaprasong where are now very silent if compared with last 2 months.

Such places are included with many offices or are the heart center of Bangkok. Ratajit sees only few taxis and bus. People in Lalaisup market are also sparse. Moreover, the Bangkok Mass Transit system – BTS is stopped as well to prevent some uncertain events affect. It means that our Thailand’s economic is also silent too which is not the good sign for us although the exportation value is increased.

Ratajit feels safety when seeing some soldiers and polices instead of Red Shirt. By the way, these soldiers should protect our country from the enemies not from our Thai people. As well, the police should prevent us from the bad guys not Thai in Red.

However! It does not have time left, because the school will be start on this Monday 18 especially around the Ratchaprasong and Silom Road. All schools around here have to postpone to open on Jun 1, instead. Ratajit wonders that these leaders of the Red Shirt may not have their children, may have nothing to do, may always feel lonely and want to stay with many people, may…..

Mark Abhisit Apisit Vejjajiva
Our Thailand PM Abhisit Vejjajiva who is under pressure has already done what these Red Shirt requests since May 8 with useless. These Red Shirt still ask for more and more over what they used to committed. Actually, Thai people are really upset to what the Red Shirt did. And, because we are Thai who have the same father or our King Bhumipol, many songs are produced for peace, for our King, for our Thailand and ourselves.
Ratajit would like to see Ratprasong like in the past with light and sound and good economic!
Ratchaprasong-On the road, Bangkok, Thailand

Some words from a present song: สู่ความสงบสันติสามัคคี
ร่วมใจ กันทำความดีถวายพ่อหลวงของไทย
………..ผ่าน พ้นมันไปยิ่งรักกันมากกว่าเดิม

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Shark Attack

Oh! this is real Shark Attack! It ate his cat first and then his arms, his body, his head but why did it not eat his legs?

I just draw someone I do not like, and the animal I do not like.
I wrote on the Shake, “Sw Eden”.

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Citicorp Center Building, Structure and how to solve problem

My field is Architecture, so I should have written something about it, but I did not; so now, here is the first time I write about Architecture.

Citicorp Center was design by Bill LeMessurier. He needed to show his main structure which was 4 9-floor-tall columns outside the building, be each column located at the middle of each elevation. This is an awesome design, but this building got less stable than usual buildings which the columns are at the corners.

Firstly, the main structure was big triangle trusses inside with bolt joint which is cheaper than weld joint. When it got build, the calculation result was it would be able to stand for 16 years, and collapse when the storm came. Bill LeMessurier got hard time to run around to look for someone to solve this problem. He found that he needed to add more members into the structure and weld them all again. All cost $4.3 million, which the company paid for. At the end, the building would stay till the 700-year storm.

The thing that Bill LeMessurier taught his students is to have a social obligation. It is a moral of responsibility to fix the problem that they made.

We may be able to look at this project of Citicorp with the American belief. At first, with this cool design, the building might not strong enough to stand, but with Bill LeMessurier’s effort, he could make his dream came true. On the other hand, he should have told this problem to the Citicorp company before it is too late to fix with the big money. He might need to stop the project and re-designed which might costed cheaper and to fix.

Anyway, Bill LeMessurier became the hero by this master piece, and that is the world knows his Citicorp Center.


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