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Chris Fehn Unmasked

If we talk about Chris Fehn, we all know that he is called the most handsome and the most wholesome member of the Slipknot by Rolling Stone. That is only in the past or he is still handsome till now? After we watched video, “Inside the Nine”, You may think that he got so fat. I am curious if he can wear that leather mask without feeling pain. It seems too fit though.

He took out the mask in the field. If you want to see his unmasked face, you can simply bid him in the charity golf stuff. This guy seems so clean actually. Cleaner than what you see in the Google search. If you get his unmasked photo, it will be polite if you do not share it directly and publicly.

My friend on Deviantart said that “Keep cats away from Chris Fehn at all times.” as you can seen in http://sw-eden.deviantart.com/art/Chris-Fehn-plays-golf-102301758

Hideto Matsumoto wash her feet with cat’s blood.

Chris Fehn Unmasked with the Pink Hair Girl. Seem like I team up the Kill Cat Team! : )

I love that naked Hideto Matsumoto. : )
She is just pretty! Right then in the drawing, Hideto Matsumoto is the girlfriend of Chris Fehn. Aka the wise man in the Christmas day.

The drawing above is my drawing when I was young. It is not exactly like Chris Fehn though, but I tried to draw him. And again, the wife is Hideto Matsumoto. I cannot remember when is the beginning of the time, I called Hideto Matsumoto as the girl.

After you look at Unmasked Chris Fehn. I drew another unmask of Slipknot member, “Sic Wilson” or “DJ StarScream”.

The original picture before vector is from www.corporateprofessions.com

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How to Remember Dreams

How to Remember Dreams :

There is a minute that you dream can pop-up in your head again. You have to lay down the same way as you wake up. You will feel about your dream, but not perfectly 100%. Sw Eden actually dream everyday. Sometimes, I knew that I was in the dream, and I can control it.

The way to control the dream is, “concentration” in Buddhism way. Do it until you sleep. It is very wonderful when you start to walk into the dream!!!

Ratajit will be the author for this website soon, and also will release the book soon. All Ratajit book is what Ratajit dream. It is so interesting.

This is Sil or Hide_Chan or Selia-Sama on Deviantart. This scene is one of my real dreams. Day Dream and Night Dream. Right now our imeems were gone. She actually plays guitar. Her Myspace music is PsionicaOfficial. Psionica is an Russian band. They like J-Rock a lot.


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Love is . . .

People will think about love between boyfriend and girlfriend, when they click on this blog. In fact, I like to talk about God’s love.

Real love is love that we can devote ourselves for. Not just donate the money, but it is about mind, time and everything. Real love does not have to be given to only the person. We can give this kind of love to the things, the pet and the country, too.

For examples
– Currently in Thailand, a big group of people can devote their lives for their nation and the King.
– People keep important coins or rings to remind about their legion and their region.

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