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Drama Based on the Truth

Before reading this, I would like to tell you, I was female, and many young teenagers loved me without knowing my age. When I finished a graduation degree from my country, I traveled around as a guide. I had been in Florida, Massachusetts and California. 15 years ago, I came to New York City, and a teenagers fall in love with me. We dated, and we talked. I went to his house. His mother was really my mother, and his sister was really my sister.

If he were sincere, he would love what I looked like. I was older with younger face. If he tried to know my age, we would break up. I hid my passport and all my id card from him, but I could not do that at all time. Once, he knew that I was older than him 10 years, and he said that to me. I was so angry, and I left him.

He went around my hometown to find some woman like me. He married some other women. He divorced twice, and he wanted to marry me after than. He could not find any woman good as me. He believed the religion I believed. I did not like that he knew my age, but I like his family so much. If I had any problem, his family could solve it for me very well.

It was 15 years already, after our first meet. That time, I was 30, and he was 20. He went back to my life again. I was 45, and he was 35. He was not so lucky, because a 25 years old boy loved me at this time. He got drunk because of me. He was nervous, and he hit many things around him. He did not hit me even my nail.

My new boyfriend did not say, that he loved me, but I could know. It was love at first sight. He did not choose to talk with all other young women. He could not say love, because of he status in our religion. This was why I was sure, that he loved me. All Asian women who came to the United States were sluts. I was not slut, and I was virgin, because my religion forbad it. If his favorite type of woman was Asian, and if he did not like sluts, surely he would marry me.

a year ago, I was guide in Australia, and a tourist at my age loved me. I thought he was so old. I had plenty of young boys to get. I talked with his old man, and he said, he loved to hear from me at all time. I understood that he got a lot of knowledge from me, but I did not get anything from him. I did not want to mention his low-class occupation, because I was guide, and I knew everything around the world. I was not an easy woman such those Asian sluts. He thought that I was. I did not like him anymore. I looked down on him. At least his love proved that I was charming.

I had sweet relationship with my news boyfriend with his gifts. I lost my favorite pen, and he bought one for me. The one I lost was red, but he gave me the blue. I told him, that I appreciate the red. He bought a red pen, and he decided to give it to me on the following weekend. I was not there at that weekend, but I went to hang out with some other boys. He knew it, and then he did an sarcastic act. He sat with a girl who loved him. In fact, he had never been interested in this girl, although she was so young. I pretended that I did not see and did not care about his act. He headed to me, and he started talking about his gift then. He gave me the red pen, but I rejected it. I said, that the red pen was just like a weapon, which we cannot give to any friend. It was my Asian belief.

I gave him a white lie, that I prepared a thing for him in the same day, but I did not give, because he sat with other girl. His face got red and shocked. I said, that if he needed it from me, he had to give me a thing first. He told me, he would. I considered that he needed a gift from me so much, so he would give me a gift first. If he thought that I was only friend, he would not want a gift from me. If he loved me, he would want to keep my thing.

During that time, I met another boy. He was 20. I called him every night as I did with my boyfriend who needed my gift. He listened to my words 2 hours a day. I could know that this young boy did not like when I talked about other boyfriends. This made me guess, that he loved me, too.

All three boyfriends had are so different, and I had to marry one at this moment, because of some important reason. The first boyfriend would destroy his stuff, when he was angry at me. The second boyfriend would hit me back by his act, when he was jealous. The third boyfriend would express his emotions without keeping any of them. I would call the third one, and I would ask him which boyfriend I should get.

Well, at night, I called him as I did before, but no one picked my phone up anymore.

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