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Thai government does not pay for the Electric Bill anymore

Thai Government,
They are half-right, so I do not blame them for this whole decision. For a year that many houses did not have to pay for the electricity. Government had thought about poor people, so they paid to the house that spent electricity less than 50 units. Right now, government looks at the result of their project. Most of people who stay alone in their apartment had used electricity about 20 units, but when they knew that less than 50 units were free, they tried to waste more electricity to be about 45 units.

Waylon Reavis drawing by Sw Eden. Although cellphone need the electricity, but it is more save than going to the place by car to talk or to pay the bill.

In my opinion, the government should just reduce the free rate, and not give up giving free electric bill. Sw Eden would like to see if people who use the electricity less then 25 units, do not have to pay anything. This will work so well, because a lot of families who use more than 25 units will change their habit, too.

It is not only Thai people who like to waste the free things. Sw Eden lives in New York City for 5 years, and most people in my apartment are the same or worse. They love to turn on the faucet in the kitchen and walk to get their stuff from their rooms which are so far from the kitchen. Although Sw Eden wants to change other people’s habit to save the energy of the world, Sw Eden cannot only just change the habit of some people in my family. One of them stay in a room at the cold side of the house. Sw Eden stays in the hottest side at the west (fact to the sun at noon, so my room will be very hot at night, too – the brick keep the heat so well). Whenever Sw Eden turns on the air-condition, she will turn on her air-condition, too, although her room is cold and air is fresh. Another member in my family does not have to pay for electric bill and water bill, because our house is not his house. He likes to turn all light on around the hourse, and waste a lot of water. He can turn on the faucet at the highest point for 3 hours non-stop. This guy is crazy, so no one tries to blame him.


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