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Ryan Ross The Prettiest Emo Boy

“There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet” is one of my most favorite piece of art. It is quite what Ryan Ross had dressed for. His music and lyrics and his dress can work together so well.

Ryan Ross have been known as the prettiest emo boy. He should be very happy to be the best of this hot style. His fans always love his eyes’ make-up and how cute he is, but he needs them to like his music better. He was the main founder of a super famous band, Panic! at the Disco. He was the song writers and that was the most important thing of the band. Panic! at the Disco had really grown with his music. Without his music, Panic! at the Disco would never been famous. I notice a lot of bands in NYC, they have a alternative/punk voice and handsome members, but they are not hot as Panic! at the Disco. This should that more than half of all the reason people love Panic! at the Disco is from Ryan Ross.

If Ryan Ross guessed that people love him by his beautiness, he was totally wrong. People love his music. Although he is not with Panic! at the Disco anymore, Panic! at the Disco will be the legend by all his work. I am not an accurate fortune teller, so I cannot predict the future of the Young Veins. Many fans cannot accept how he sings, but I believe that he will get better and better. He can sing much better than my favorite Hideto Matsumoto, and Hideto Matsumoto is so famous.

Panic! at the Disco : Live in Chicaco , the last thing I have for Panic! at the Disco

Ryan Ross dress up as harlequin rather than real emo, or maybe, it is called post-modern. I would call it ‘Postmodernism’ as well as his strange lyrics. His music and his dress work together so well, unlike many Visual Kei bands that their dress has nothing to do with music. Ryan Ross rules most emo kids with his ambiguous lyrics, and not a lot of people really look at its meaning. I cannot say that I understand his lyrics in the right way. My most favorite sentence is, ”Don’t you remember when I was a bird and you were a map?” from Panic! at the Disco’s song called, “Mad As Rabbits”. This is exactly symbolism. If I could fly as a bird, I would see the town as the map scale. All his lyrics tell me that he is really genius. I could not believe that he can let all his work go with the current Panic! at the Disco, and he just started the new band.

As his girly look and his girlfriend, the fangirls may not love him as the new Panic! at the Disco. After the separate, both bands changes their style of Lyrics. They are not so thoughtful as original lyrics. I wish Ryan will get back to his point soon.

Ryan Ross has a really plain talk and plain stage act, and really thoughful music.

It is good for him to be considered as the prettiest emo boy. At least we know who would follow him. Some groups on community websites were created to cheer him. Many fans always cheer him. He does not try to push us in his rule. He is a soft guy. When I think about him, it reminds me to the quote at the end of Bat Man the Dark Knight (2008). The father said to the son that “Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

Even the music was changed, all artists can use the same band’s name. Even the music was changed, or the band’s name was changed, we still love Ryan Ross. He is not just The Prettiest Emo Boy, but he is everything he creates. He already makes a legend, and gave it to his friend. Under that past hard make-up, I just understand how plain he is. He is like a creature without lust. That’s strange as his lyrics, that’s beautiful as his look. I will not worship musician, but I will always love him. I wish that he will be eternal as well as all his favorite artists.

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Illegal MP3 Free Download

“If you love the bands, don’t do this to them.”, it is me, Sw Eden

As my experience through many websites, and also my own website, to share mp3 and music video is the most simply way to get a lot of views and comments. Sw started Sw first .html website when I was grade 9. I was interested in astronomy and Myanmar history, so I do the websites about them. I changed myself to gain more audiences when I moved to MWIT high school. Sw translated all those famous metal and hardcore bands’ biography. It was not so popular though, because many websites also have it.

Move to Sw new age after Sw went to New York City, I started to play the web-board. There are some reasons that I cannot explain with the exact words, why bad people want to be the administrators of the famous forums. If they can gain a big number of people, they will push them into the rule, and so strict. I am not that kind of admin. That is why I went to do the webboard which all people have freedom to post whatever they want by respect the law of the country. I started my first forum under the name of Marilyn Manson Thai Webboard, and it still exists. In the early age of that webboard, I did let people download some rare tracks. My heart did not let me do that so long. I removed all illegal download out of my forum, with the reason that I am the artist. In fact, Sw have been a good artist since I was in the kindergarten, but I just have felt how worth of the artwork when I grew enough. After that, I have never let any audiences download the illegal or copyright music anymore.

Many fans of the bands still let their blog’s audiences download mp3 of their favorite artists. The main reason is to get more views. The visitors do not really like to give their comment for the useful information, but they will say, “Thank you” to the Mp3 sharing guys. I found a lot of those blogs on Blogspot, and right now, Google trys to delete those blogs as we can see in Google help forum, many blog owners claim that they lost their blogs. This is a reason that you cannot hate Google

If you want to save your favorite bands from the users who share the Mp3, you can report the site via Google Report. You have to log-in your Google/Gmail account first. Remember, all illegal posts are spam, too.

As I have said that the Mp3 sharer can get a lot of views and comments from the download link. It is a shame that they cannot create their own copyright article to gain the views and comments from people. They kill their favorite bands to get the higher number of comments to fill their own satisfaction.

Some fans believe that they show their love to their favorite bands by sharing the songs. They also say in the website, like, “If you like the songs we share, you need to buy the albums”. it is 99% impossible that the downloaders will buy the albums after they have all songs already. Another 1% is you who are so nice to your favorite bands. Sw do have the collections of what I listen to. Sw wants to thank all you guys who do this, too. You are the best fans of all your best bands.

By the movement of Thai musicians, they come up with many shows to earn more money from the fans. This is because they lost a lot of income every year by the illegal Mp3 sharing site. Any kinds of artists sell their ideas. They are human and they need food. The audiences should not just copy their ideas in every way. This is about moral, because idea is not involved in the copyrights law.

The way to show your love to your favorite artists is that you do not let any people download their songs. You can do via websites that people can only listen to their songs. If you really want people to listen to their songs on your website, you may cut out 30 seconds of each songs to show them. This is for education only, as well as you can see on Wikipedia.

Although someone know how to download track from Youtube, Youtube still keeps a lot of fan videos to make the musicians proud. For example, Avenged Sevenfold are always very happy when the fans make their fan video and use their songs. They also glad when a new fan page was created. On the other hand, a band from Indonesia always reports the Myspace to delete all their fan-pages.

I did play a Thai unofficial forum of a famous Japanese-Rock band. I love typing as well as you can see on my website. The admins of that forum hate me by this reason. For them, I typed too much. The admins want to have the highest posts on their own forum. They also have some illicit rule, too. A friend told me that those admins did not want other kids to mimic me by posting a lot of comments very fast. Their rule is the users have to have more than 50 posts to get into the private forum. Their private forum contains all mp3 of that famous J-rock band and all solo projects of each member.

Chris Fehn

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Free from Music cult

I am thinking about the time that I had been a fan of American metal and European metal bands. There was no word such, “enough” for me. More band, more heavy, and that was better, cooler, but in fact, it was worse.
Many people need to be the fans of many many bands. They think that it is cool or smart to listen to many rock or metal bands. They do not know if there are something wrong in that music, because all sounds come to mess together. They adjust the volume to be louder and louder. They worship those bands, until they can kill anyone who rail those bands.

They show themselves as the disciples of their favourite bands. The reality is “They are theirs”. No more slaves in this world. Everybody has freedom.

Remember! “Musicians are not God.” They just entertain us, and we pay them whatever for CD or concert.

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