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Why do some people hate DeviantArt.com?

Post by The SW Eden (สว อิเฎล)

Today I read some blog posts about this topic and also read wall posts on a Facebook page. Mostly they talk about spam and virus, but for me, all those things have never happen to me since December 2007, the first day they called me, deviant.

Personally I do not hate Deviantart.com itself. Deviantart is a reliable website that the users may not steal others’ artwork. Comparing with Flickr, before 2009, I was not happy that some Flickr users upload the photos/artwork made by other people. But after that, Flickr allow us to report the non-copyright image, so we can help them cleaning Flickr, and today Flickr is a really nice place for real photographers and real artists.

Bring back to Deviantart.com. As I mention that it is a good website that can confirm the date and license of our artwork, I still do not perfectly like to surf around them. This is all because a kind of users. I would call them, selfish, self-center or self-important. If we comment on their drawings, they will never visit our account; but they will reply the comment on their pages, just to increase their numbers and their views. And if we add their drawing favorite, they will not do anything, or they may just post “Thanks for the fav” on our profile, without looking at our gallery.

Another point I would make is for people who do not like Emo kids. (This does not mean people who have emo hair or listen to emo music, but this means “sad kids”, “self-harm kids” or “useless kids”) Most Emo kids cannot live without their idols which can be girls, boys, gay or bi. Personally, I would not be proud if I was the idol of Emo kids. What I can notice is all those emo idols use Deviantart, and most uploadings are photography.

I love photography, and I do not want to look down it, but it is the only good thing that Emo kids can do. I am studying in the University of Sydney, and if I see an Emo kid, I am sure that his/her major is photography. This is really true. In my uni, there is no emo kids around other majors, even paintings or graphic design.

In fact, we know that there are many emo kids around the city, but where are they? Most of them do not go to undergraduate school. They stay at home and doing their hair. They will only go outside just to attend the show of their most favorite bands. In the other word, the only emo kids who take undergraduate course are those whose major is photographer.

I am not angry if you disagree. All I wrote here is about the university I attend.

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Flickr found me

‘Flickr found me’ sounds weird, but ‘I found Flickr’ is more correct in real world. I said this because I knew that I was a really good photographer after I surf on it. After that time, Flickr also inspired me to do greater and greater work. My camera became one of my weapons, and I also saw many things around me to be artwork, then, take the photo! I have more fun both in my real life and internet life.

Flickr said, “Flickr loves you.”
Then we, “We all love Flickr.”

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Sw Eden froms a group in Flickr, Hide In Motion

Hide In Motion


Sw Eden froms a group in Flickr, Hide In Motion

Hide In Motion is a group that was created for contain people’s things about Hideto Matsumoto.

For example, cosplay, toys, collection, drawing, photograph etc.

All images have to be from themselves, not from magazine or website.

– + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + –

Sw Eden began it with his own artwork, such as these pics.

th 22nd ways

you taste like valentine's


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