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Thailand and Freedom of Speech

The American people would love to see the Freedom of Speech around the world as they have. They blame other countries who do not have it. And right now they blame Thailand of Freedom of Speech about monarchy. Some American friends I have do not really care or love their own country, but they are proud in their American behaviors, until some people are proud to consume too much. Thai culture is really different. They grow up with their parents, and they really look after their parents when they get older. Thai King and Thai Queen are father and mother of all Thai people. Thai people really feel it that way. No one are forced to love them. This is the reason why we cannot let other people blame them.

Thai children and their mother at the Talingchan Floating Market (ตลาดน้ำตลิ่งชัน).

If you really grow up with a warm family, you will love your parents although they have never asked you to love them. You will do the same thing as we do for our King and our Queen. You will protect them. If some other people disgrace them, you will hire a judge to stop those people. The United States have the law to prevent public insulting, too, and that stops freedom of bad speech. This means we are almost the same. You cannot insult other people with strange Photoshop pictures and unreal words.

Do you know why Thai people love the King?
Thai King, and most of Royal Family have the charity activities nearly everyday. They always go to the far-away towns or villages which are poor. They teach the poor people to work, especially agriculture and handmade products. When any places are destroyed by flood damage and if the government is so slow to help, the Royal Family will help all the people in time.

As the definition of ‘Efficient Economy’ which Thai King always talks about, although the farmer earn a low income, but they can live with happiness. Most of Thai farmers are not that poor until have nothing to eat, but they spend their money without thinking. For example, they want to have cars to show that they are cool; they need to have an i-phone because their friends have it. The farmers who need the extravagant things will not love what the King teach. This is the reason why there are many Red Shirt farmers come to protest in Bangkok.

Although the American believe in freedom, but all the children also love their parents.

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