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About Megan Fox Hater

I found this website accidentally, “Fuck You Megan Fox”, when I search about “Sex Symbol”.
I heard Megan Fox just wanted to be Sex Symbol. In fact, all her quotes are for her famousness. Million things in the world, she said she wanted to be, but we cannot know how many things she really wants to be.

I know what Megan Fox Haters usually do. Although most of them are so clever, they still keep searching about her on search engine, especially, “Google.com”. The result is they make her to be more famous. Anything that you blame her or rail her, all make her famous and interesting. My suggestion is, if you are Megan Fox haters, just stop searching about her, and stop posting per photos in any case. The times you just enter her name in search engine, that is how you tell the search engine that she is famous. You should search and give your click to all her rivals instead.

This post will be my first and my last post about Megan Fox for my website.
– If you hate the wave, just do not surf the wave – Sw Eden

Happy Thanks Giving! it is just pussy in the pussy.


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