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Give Food to Monk: section 1 – a little miracle

By RataJIT:)
Every time, when I want to give food to monk, I will early wake up @ 5 a.m. to cook and will be ready about 6 a.m. I must drive far away from my house to find monks. I usually find only 1-2 monks and have to continue driving to find other monks until finishing my giving food to them. I do know this wastes the petrol while it’s necessary for me to do that.
ถวายเทียนพรรษา Give the big cadle to Temple in Raining Season

One morning, I intended to give food to 6 monks. I found only one monks and I hardly found others. After driving for a while, I could find only another one. If I made my decision to drive forward to find the left monks, I had to drive too far. Therefore, I drove u-turn and hoped that the opposite should have some monks or I had to bring all food back home.
After u-turn, I still could not find any monk, although the way was near my house. However, miracle could happen in real life! I suddenly found 4 monks walked one by one back temple.
Finally, I could give food to 6 monks as my intention. I feel really happy, then.

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