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Grand Palace and Grand Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

The place where all people around the world wish to visit once in their life, and the place where all the visitors of Thailand must go to see. It is may be because Sw Eden was born Thai, that I feel Thai tradition artwork is the most beautiful ancient artwork in the world. Sw Eden feels some other country artwork is too fat or too thin, but Thai artwork is the proper proportion. You may feel that why there is a lot of gold in there. This is seem incredible that Thailand have much much gold in all Temples around the country.

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In the high-school history class, Sw’s teacher talked about a famous painting of an ancient Thai ambassador and French king. The French king really appreciated how polite of that Thai ambassador so he let the artist drew the picture of the Thai ambassador in the throne hall. Two paintings were drawn, and one of them was given to Thailand. Thailand lost it when Myanmar destroyed Ayutthaya about 200 years ago. Myanmar burnt Thai pagoda and palace, then took the gold back to their country. One of my friend in the class said that the painting was a part of that gold Myanmar took off the palace, so right now, we could see that canvas painting on Myanmar pagoda. This is a little joke of a little Southern girl said in the class room which Sw Eden can remember so well.

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If you are a tourist, you may think that it is a good opportunity to have a good time with your camera and your friends in Grand Temple and Grand Palace. For us, Thai people, these places is not only the places that we are proud, but they are also what we respect. We respect our religion and our king. Although most of us are Buddhism, we welcome all other cults around the world. There is no law/rule that anyone have to believe in only one religion.

How to get to here? Most of the buses in Bangkok can drop you in front of the Grand Temple, and all the taxi drivers know how to come here. Please no worry to lose your way. Around the Sanam Luang you can find the information desks, and they can give you a free map to show the important place to visits by walking. If you are Thai, you still have right to get the map, too. Our city does not align as block as New York City, so you may need to bring a little lovely compass with you to get the right direction from the map.

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